Friday, November 09, 2007

The Perfect Medium


I like creating in a variety of mediums, but my favourite is fabric. Paper runs a close second. I took a look around my home trying to take photos of the fabric items I've made. I couldn't find very many. A lot of what I stitch is for gifts. And I sew clothes for myself, which don't look very good photographed in the closet. I'm not about to model them for photos, either.
This is a watercolour lap quilt that hangs off the railing in our front entry hall. I made it about 12 years ago and still love the way the colours blend.


Pillows are easy and fun. This was a quick project for our bed. I wanted to do something with buttons. This is what resulted!


Another quilt. This is a table square, made about 15 years ago. My plan was to make a table quilt for each season. This is the only one that's finished, although two others are in the works. It takes me a long time to finish them. I love the choosing of fabric and the piecing - but not the finishing and quilting.

If you love fabric as I do, run on over to Paris Bebe for some inspiration. Lovely fabrics and a giveaway. Such lovely packages.


Fete et Fleur said...

Hi Lorrie! I stopped by but I am not able to view your pics. :(

I'll check in later.

Have a beautiful Weekend!

Andi said...

I stopped by too Lorie but I'm not able to view your pictures either. But I love my little peek at your prior post!!!

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