Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Taking stock


Last weekend my sweet husband went through the house taking photos of EVERYTHING. We've talked about doing this for years - keeping a record somewhere for insurance purposes. He opened drawers and cupboards and the resulting pictures are not very pretty. But this was. And I thought about how I need to take stock of my internal inventory from time to time.

Are there priorities that need to be re-arranged? How am I balancing my time and resources? Do I need to straighten out some relationships? Clear away clutter?

At this time of year, approaching Advent, it's good for me to evaluate, to ponder, to prepare my heart for the celebration of Christ's birth.

How about you?
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Andi said...

Lorrie, your china and crystal are lovely. We took pictures of our home as well and when I looked at them I got out the dust rag and cleaned under everything and took them again...yikes...dust really shows up in pictures!!!

I plan to get your swap box in the mail on Saturday. It's been so much fun. This was my first time participating in a swap so I hope I got it right. It's from my heart...that's what's important.

Barbara said...

Your china pic is nice. Taking photos of possessions is something I have always meant to do too.

Marja Kristiina said...

Hi Lorrie! Thanks for visiting! Actually, the paper cones are mostly just for decorative purposes and 99% of mine are empty. But you can always have some potpourri in it, or use them as lavender sachets. Around Christmas I think mine will be filled with fresh branches of spruce, pine and juniper, maybe some candy or marshmellows or meringue or candy canes... Anything really!

Elsie Montgomery said...

Hey Lorrie,
Loved your post on the InScribe blog, and now I find out that you also make quilts! ICWF has a few other quilters... we need to talk!

In fact, for the next Fall Conference, the main speaker did a coffee table book on quilts so we are going to decorate the venue with quilts... want to be part of that?

My email is in the directory!

elsie m

Anonymous said...

You are right, it is a great photo.

Happy advent anticipation :-)

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