Thursday, February 05, 2009

Beautiful Blogs

Nathalie gave me this beautiful blog award. I am honoured to be included in her list. Thank you so much, Nathalie. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there - through blogging I've found a community of like-minded women who love creating with their hands and beautifying their corner of the world.

I'm always hesitant to give awards. I hate leaving people out, and I don't want anyone to feel she must respond to the blogging award. But here is a list of some of my favourite blogs - the ones I go to regularly. There are many, many more wonderful blogs out there.

1. I've been a fan of Charlotte's lifestyle and art since finding her books Between Friends: Craft Projects to Share, and Mothers and Daughters at Home: 35 Projects to Make Together. Her gentle nature and love of home shine through her art and her writing.

2. Lili and I live in the same province. As a violin teacher, quilter and crafter, Lili writes about her daily life. I love the way she gives snippets of information about her projects, tantalizing her readers with pictures until, at last, one day, the final project is revealed. This is a good lesson for me - being willing to share about the process and not just the product. In the process creativity is enhanced and is able to grow.

3. I first "met" Natalea while doing one of Teresa McFayden's fabulous e-zines. Natalea's art is gorgeous and her blog is filled with her creations. I especially enjoy her journaling pages.

4. Cupid's Charm is the name of Joy's beautiful blog. She designs and makes jewelry that anyone would be proud to wear. She's recently brought out a line designed around the extravagantly beautiful Marie Antoinette. Eye candy galore.

5. Niki writes her blog from England. I love the name - Nostalgia at the Stone House. She sews and crafts beautiful items, all with a delightful English flavour.

6. When I found Teresa McFayden's blog about a year and a half ago, it was as if a light bulb went off inside my head. Here was this woman playing with glue and paper, lace and thread, and letting her creativity burst out through her art. I was jealous, then I was inspired and thought, why not? Who really cares what I make or how I make it? And so I've begun playing too, and having a ball!

7. Rebecca Sower is another artist who inspires me. Her quiet and gentle spirit is oh, so present in her work. She creates beautiful pictures with needle, thread and heart.

This has been a blog post filled with words like "beautiful, inspiring, creativity." I encourage you to check out these blogs and read words from the hearts of their creators. You, too, will be inspired.


  1. Lorrie - Yes to the new Teresa - zine -- I love to do hers -- so
    innovative -- I learn something new each time -- a new look - a true DUH !! moment - makes things easier -- or a new way to connect things or supplies idea - KAthy - ga
    Stay warm ♥

  2. Thanks so much Lorrie! You express yourself so beautifully :)

    I'm working on your lovebird mobile right now! Taking photos while the sun is still out.

    Wasn't yesterday gorgeous?!

    Have a lovely day

  3. thanks so much, Lorrie....I'm honored to be included here- on your blog and your list! stay warm...xoC

  4. Thanks for signing up for the swap, I will email you once it is closed and I partner everyone up!

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

    wow! thank you Lorrie! I appreciate the award- so sweet of you!
    I came back to tell you that the US does offer Can Lit courses! At least they did at University of Vermont!
    xo natalea

  6. Congratulations on your Beautiful Blog Award!

  7. Hi, just wanted to pop in and say thanks for visiting! Aren't we awfully lucky to be awarded this! I have enjoyed visiting your blog! I'll be back!


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