Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Doing It

Do you ever over-think something? I've had this idea for oh, about a year now, and I keep wondering if I should do it. Will it look the way I want it to look? Will it take too much time? Will people (my husband, my children) think this is really silly? And so, the idea has stayed in my mind. It's nothing big, really...

Today, I decided, "Enough!" Just do it! And I did. It took less than 45 minutes by the time I pulled everything out of the china cabinet, put up sheets of old music with doublesided tape, and put the china and crystal back. One year of thinking, 45 minutes of doing. How crazy is that?

And I love it - for now. But I also know that one day I might want to change it again. And you can be sure that I'm not going to take a year to think about it.
A year! Sheesh!

For more quick ways to liven up your decor visit Melissa at The Inspired Room. Lots of creative minds have linked to the site with wonderful projects. Don't wait. Don't procrastinate. Just do it now!
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  1. I have TONS of sheet music. What a great idea!

  2. Well that is interesting and different Lorrie. Your guests can spend their time peering through and figuring out the music.

  3. Isn't it funny how we can think about doing something FOREVER and when we finally put ourselves into action it only took a few minutes to do? I'm glad you went ahead with your creative idea. I always wonder what my hubby will think and if I tell him my ideas in advance, he rarely gets it and then I get discouraged to try. So, it is better to do it and then show so they can see how clever we really are and we at least get a chance to try things! :-)

    Great job and very clever idea!

    PS. Yes, we are very busy these days! Still in the process of selling our old house and networking to meet new people and start the new church up here in Washington. Lots to do, but it is fun!

  4. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Wonderful idea!

  5. I have been contemplating this for AGES - maybe now I finally will!

  6. I have been thinking along these same lines using some of the pretty papers that are out there..and I have a extra hymnbook...oh would't that be grand...and maybe even got me thinking...or for a office or boys room...a map....the possibilities are endless....thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love the sheet music added to the back of your cabinet! It looks great!

  8. I love this look. It really looks great in your china cabinet. What a
    great idea. I know what you mean about wanting to do things and putting them off.. I do that way too much..

  9. Now aren't you feeling proud? I love to decorate with sheet music. One year I made a Christmas pillow by copying O' Holy Night onto iron on transfer paper. There are so many options. Sheet music is also beautiful matted and framed. You can age it with damp tea bags too! Mine and my husband's song will be framed for our anniversary this year. Thanks for jumping in and doing it!

  10. Isn't it funny how we harbor ideas & just don't act! What a clever idea. I saw you mentioned over at Joy's Blog & had to stop & say hello. Enjoy your Marie Jewelry while in Paris. I told the others that my French neighbor sent me a wonderful email with a lot of photos of the palace. If you are interested let me know & I will email it to you.

  11. That is a great idea! I'm thinking of covering the backs of two bookshelves with scrapbook paper... like you I've been considering it for months! Perhaps I'll do it tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  12. That looks great! I love it!

  13. Anonymous6:04 AM

    I love what you did, and altered my china hutch several years ago. I put vintage silk as the back drop, torn, strings hanging, draped haphazardly. Used hot glue to stick it to the background - which in my case was a mirror.

    blessings ~ Eileen

  14. What a great idea!

    I found you through Joy at Cupid's Charm and I look forward to visiting your blog again:)

  15. Anonymous10:38 AM

    What a *great* idea! I tend to ponder ideas for too long, too. There's probably a reason a very successful ad campaign's tag line is "Just Do It."

    Looks great - Congratulations!


  16. Anonymous12:32 PM


    I found your blog at Joy's blog and followed you all the way here.

    Love your projects and photos!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  17. Lorrie, you how much I am for changing the back of cabinets. Such a cheap, easy way to make it all feel different. I love yours, good job !!! Clarice-who has embossed white paper right now

  18. Why do we doubt ourselves? We could save so much time if we just listened to that inner voice! I think it looks fantastic! I would love to do my shelves that way but it would take too much time....LOL, just kidding!
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Love it...looks great. I tend to be a thinker more than a doer. I did see somewhere measure and cut chipboard or such and cover to use to put places like there, then you can easily change it. I've been thinking...ha....about doing that to some built-ins I have. You've inspired me.

  20. Great idea! the finished result is fab!

  21. From one Lorrie to another. It's amazing we have the same type of interest. I love plates and china as well. I don't like to post what I have because I don't want my husband to really know what's around the house...LOL. I'm following your blog because I loved your post and your name.


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