Thursday, February 12, 2009

West Coast Postcard

Sunday afternoon was mild - not warm, but at least the bitter wind had settled down. We took our visitors out to East Sooke Park - one of my favourite places. Forest, ocean, rocky and sandy beaches - it's all here and all beautiful.

Waves rush up onto the sand and leave undulating patterns of dark and light as they retreat. White foamy edges. Tumbling rocks. Rushing sounds of incoming and outgoing water, a never ending advance and retreat.

Ghostly moss hanging from arbutus (madrona) trees. The native name for these trees is the "crazy lady tree" - so called because they shed their bark in the winter, and everyone knows that only a crazy lady would do such a thing!

A visual poem of green, brown and texture, each melting into the next.

Glistening rocks, vivid in colour, washed smooth by incessant tumbling play in ocean waves.

And keeping the flavour of postcard custom, I'll close with "wish you were here."


  1. Yes it is so beautiful Lorrie and the colour of those stones and the water. An artists collection.

  2. oh those are beautiful pictures and the stones gorgeous..would they be beautiful in a dish or jar....stunning.

  3. Hi Lorrie,
    writing from work, the usual blog screening process hasn't been restored yet !! So I'm taking a short break from correcting and your beautiful pictures are real eye candies on this gloomy day (though it looks as if the sun is going to break out of the clouds... if only !)
    Your Valentine table is just... waow ! I can't imagine doing something like that with my daughters around !
    I'm really looking forward to being able to blog again and upload pictures !!! See you soon.
    And good luck for your exams.

  4. amazing photography... I am in love with the oregon coast... and hope someday my hubby and I can retire there..... I know it's a little south of you but the images are equally breath taking and inspiring thanks for sharing :) xoxo anna

  5. Hi Lorrie,
    I LOVE your blog! This post looks so inviting - Wish I WAS there! How much fun it would be to poke around through those rocks to find
    beautiful treasures during a morning stroll on the beach! Sounds heavenly!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!

  6. Oh, how lovely! You just took me for a walk down memory lane! When hubby and I were visiting Victoria and Vancouver Island a couple of years ago we visited E. Sooke Park - the pictures with all the large rocks - the 2nd and 4th pics - brought back wonderful memories of picking up stones and walking along that same beach. Thank you!!!

  7. Beautiful! I would love to visit this area. Where is it close to? I am going out to California in March.


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