Monday, January 11, 2010

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

Dinner tonight provided colour on this windy, rainy, grey day. Our local grocery store flyer often has recipes - today I tried one for Mini Meatloaves with Blue Cheese Filling. Delectable! Sauteed grape tomatoes, oven sweet potato fries and broccoli rounded out the meal. Just the ticket for a wintery night. Click on the link for the recipe.

My daughter has a Bodum (French Press). She does not have a microwave and complained to me about her coffee getting cold before she could have a second cup. She hinted about a Bodum cozy. So, before Christmas one day, I went to the local Starbucks, measuring tape in hand. I got a few weird looks as I measured the French Press up, down and all around. I felted some sweaters earlier and one was really thick. A little cutting, very little stitching, a couple of buttons, and voilĂ ! The coffee-drinking daughter says it works well. My husband thinks I need to make a French beret for the top. We'll see.

And another pot of irises, this one in the kitchen, on a pretty plate given to me by my eldest daughter (not the coffee-drinking one). Bright mandarin oranges liven it up - I'm craving some colour these days. But not too much.
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Friko said...

Hi Lorrie,

A lovely post about a lovely meal.
I am a very keen cook too, although I have had some problems adapting my dishes for over a year now. I have become dairy intolerant, which means having to go without a lot of my favourite meals.

I have a recipe for a gorgeous blue cheese meatloaf which i used to cook even for special lunches; now I have to adapt it and it is not really quite as piquant now.
You said you have become my follower; would you be so sweet and follow me on my blog too by clicking on the Google Follow Me button, please?
And if you ever have a dairy free recipe (other than meat and veg and stews, of course) that is really exciting, I would be very grateful.

PS: the verification is piatiza, do they know you're a cook?

Pondside said...

That looks delicious!
I like the little bodum cosy - very resourceful and practical.
Are you managing to stay upright in the wind?

Lorrie said...

Friko - it seems that more and more people in our "age bracket" are becoming dairy intolerant. It's not much fun, is it?

Pondside - the wind seems to have calmed down a bit today - but I notice some garden things have been blown about outside so I should collect them before they head off to Oz.

Vee said...

The colors are so vivid and beautiful...loved seeing them and a good way to introduce color on witner days.

Tara said...

Thanks for brightening my day! Love the color too. I'm home with a tummy bug today, so I needed that.
Going to check out the recipes. Thanks for sharing.

Becca said...

Oh that meatloaf sounds delish! One of our favorite "comfort" foods here :)
And I love the cozy! I have been wanting to use some of my leftover yarn ends to knit up one of those!

Barbara said...

Looks very tempting. Had more snow today!

Unknown said...

I needed some dinner inspiration. thanks. The coffee press cozy is very sweet and thoughtful.

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