Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Crafting for my Etsy Shop

I was puttering away in my studio (sounds more professional than a craft room, doesn't it?) yesterday afternoon and came up with a few Valentine's Day cards for my Etsy shop.

Stitched with bits of paper, a felted wool heart, buttons and a charm, these were fun to do.

You can find them in my Etsy shop. More will be coming. If you want a particular card background, please let me know.


  1. Hey Lorrie,
    This is great AND it's wonderful that you are getting motivated for Valentines Day NOW on your etsy!!!

  2. You're sounds so much more sophisticated. Ha! Perhaps I'll remember that one. I love the Queen of Hearts card... such a good idea for a Valentine's Day card.

  3. Hi Lorrie,

    Your creations are lovely.
    I call my craft room my little studio too. It does sound a bit better. I'm thankful I have some area to spread out and work.

    Thank you for praying for my MIL. It just breaks my heart that she is in Co. and we live here. Hubs has been able to go back and forth a bit but not as much as we would like.

    Big hugs,

  4. Hi Lorrie. Nice to meet you! I have just purchased 2 of your cards! So Pretty!

  5. Hi Lorrie - I love the idea of a studio or a craft room. I'm working on getting a sewing room established for myself in an end of a guest room. The cards are lovely!

  6. Those are super cute !

  7. Lorrie, thanks for your sweet comments about my lump. I am thankful that it's over, and I can move forward. Good for you about the Etsy shop. Once again I find myself playing catch-up. I pray your 2010 is a blessed one, sweet friend!


  8. It's wonderful how you can make something so lovely from bits and bobs. xx

  9. This card is Aces in my book. :)

  10. I thought I was already a follower. I'm getting a little ditzy apparently. I know you're on my favorites list, but I thought I had also put myself on followers. I guess it's one of my newer tech skills and didn't realize. . .

  11. Love the card, it is gorgeous.


  12. Most beautiful! Great idea...using the Queen of Hearts...or the Ace of hearts.

  13. Lorrie,

    This is quite a cute valentine, love the red heart with the ace of my heart you sent me!

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura


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