Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Everyone is aware of the earthquake in Haiti and of the devastation there. Sometimes, tragedies such as these seem impersonal and distant. It takes a name and a face, a person, to make the catastrophe personal. Individuals, not nameless entities are the ones whose lives have been whirled and tumbled into disarray. Several days ago, Rebecca Sower, an artist with a heart of compassion shared about her recent trip to Haiti and about the people she met there. This was just days before the earthquake.

This is Miraclid, a young single mom. Rebecca wrote of her walking down the street, her baby under one arm, her yarn under the other, crocheting as she walked. 

Louisson is a musically talented young man who won his way into Rebecca's heart. As yet, his whereabouts are unknown. (Edited to add: Louisson has been located and is fine.)  I urge you to go over to Rebecca's blog and read a few posts about her take on this tragic event. And, I urge you to pray. Pray for the people who are grieving the loss of life, of homes, of family, of a life that, although full of hardship, is familiar to them. Pray that they will know God's love and peace.

We received an email this morning from Steve Nelson, a physician with HCJB Global Hands, the organization we worked with in Ecuador. Steve is the doctor who delivered our first daughter and was our family doctor during the years we were there. He, and a team from Ecuador, are heading to Haiti Thursday to provide medical relief. I wish I could go with them - I'm not a medical person, but I could translate for them. However, instead, I will pray God's blessing on them, that they would be His hands and heart showing love to a people in desperate need.


  1. I will pray for them and see what help I can give..

  2. Yes, we have been in prayer. Lots of prayers. May your friend's friends be safe and whole.

  3. Thank you for this. Being in a French church, we have strong links there too, and the boys and I were very shaken when we heard the news. We haven't yet heard about the people in the church we're linked with. I will go and visit Rebecca's blog now.

  4. Lorrie I am so heartbroken for this island nation and the hardships the people have to endure there on a regular basis.
    I will visit your friend....and continue to pray...
    Love Karla

  5. What a horror for those poor souls searching for family members. I'll go over to check out the blog you mentionned, and I'll continue to pray for those who have lost family and friends and that all survivors will be found in time.

  6. Thank you for this post. My heart's instinct is to be there to help. I have no training that would be helpful, but I can dig, I can listen...but I would just be in the way.
    Instead I'll donate to whatever fund is opened and yes - pray. xx

  7. My heart is very heavy with this is a very helpless feeling.......


  8. Thank you Lorrie,
    For sharing this post. You are right!. When there is a human face attached to ALL things in our world, we all experience empathy.
    I can't wait to visit Rebecca's site!


  9. Prayers from us..out and up to His ears...

  10. Lorrie, am so pleased with this post. I too wish I could do more but a small donation and many prayers is all I can offer. Love your off to view Rebecca's post......:-) Hugs

  11. We stand by and watch, feeling quite helpless...but we all can pray. Thanks for encouraging us to do what we can!


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