Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Beautiful Quilt

My mother is a wonderful quilter. She is precise and meticulous in her work. I'm much more laissez-faire. She quilts every week and some of her work has garnered high prices at an annual auction to benefit those less fortunate.

For Saturday's baby shower she sent over this quilt for the little one who will be her 7th great-grandchild. Isn't it beautiful? He or she is sure to be wrapped in love and warmth. 


  1. Lorrie, your Mom's work is beautiful..I'm like you when it comes to quilting..take care..

  2. I enlarged the photo and enjoyed looking at the precision of the stitches. What a treasure for your grandchild!

  3. What a lovely treasure for the new grandchild. The ducks are so cute, love the pattern.

  4. Ohhhh... isn't that just DUCKY! What a cute quilt.

    Funny you should mention quilts, as Mom and I are finishing one this week.


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