Monday, November 22, 2010

It's a Snowy World - Mosaic Monday

As I write huge flakes of snow are swirling outside my window. A flock of snow geese just flew by, white wings flapping madly to maintain their balance in the gusting wind.

These photos were taken on Saturday morning, the night after the first snowfall. Such an event is uncommon here on Vancouver Island and I'm loving the transformed landscape. It won't last long and I expect that soon we'll be back to the usual rainy, grey world that is a west coast winter.

In the meantime, I'll revel in the beauty that snow brings. This is Thanksgiving week in the USA and in that spirit, here are some things (other than faith and family) that I'm thankful for...

* a warm, dry house
* electricity!
* my five senses that enable me to enjoy the world God has created
* all of you who take the time to read my blog and comment - it's wonderfully amazing to me 

For more mosaics, visit Mary at the Dear Little Red House.


  1. So pretty and I can almost "hear" the silence. Would you rather live in a snowy white world or the gray one that is usually the case? I'm thinking whichever one is warmer. Glad to know that your electricity is back on. Nothing like time without it to help us appreciate it all that much more.

  2. hi lorrie
    wow!!!it's really a snowy world.
    i love your mosaic.
    here,we have rainy grey days,that is not my weather.
    have a nice week,
    hugs regina

  3. Those are wonderful pictures. Hot chocolate and a burning fire are the way to go. We had that weather too but it was much lighter and today is very bright and cold. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very beautiful...but oh, so cold!

  5. received more snow than we did..cold though the snow right now..

  6. So pretty over there! Enjoy it while it lasts.

  7. So pretty. I can hear the "quiet" in the snow insulated scenes.

  8. I am loving this snow Lorrie..makes me feel like I'm back in Southern ONtario!!!
    Love your photo and I also saw the beautiful white snow geese today!

  9. Beautiful and so romantic - the snow and the geese.

    We are in for the coldest November for 17 years apparently with lots of snow but just how much we will get in this south eastern corner I do not know yet.

  10. We has so much rain today that if it was colder we would have had a blizzard! I'm not ready forthat as yet...maybe in February! :)


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