Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Many Things in Progress, Few Finished and a Giveaway Winner

Saturday of the long weekend just behind us was sunny. Rain was forecast for Sunday and Monday. So I put my garden in on Saturday. In the protected bed, tomatoes, basil and melon, with room for cucumbers. 

In the middle bed, leeks, broccoli, zucchini, butternut squash and rhubarb at one end that needs to be moved. 

I planted radish, carrot and swiss chard seeds in the top bed, and I'm saving room for my bean poles which will be planted a bit later. 

I'm attempting to grow potatoes in two wire cylinders this year - the idea is to save space by adding dirt as the potatoes grow, since new potatoes form between the seed potato and the top of the plant. We'll see. Lettuce, herbs and a few other things are scattered here and there throughout my flower beds.

For those averse to painting over wood, you might want to avert your eyes. When we moved back into this house, I left the china cabinet and hutch in the garage (which has never seen a car) with the intent of painting it. We've been sanding and filling, and on rainy Monday, we covered it with a coat of primer. 

I had to talk Tim into this - he's a fine woodworker and has made much of our furniture. But not this piece. I told him I wouldn't paint over his furniture, but this was a rustic piece purchased in Ecuador. He's agreed, and he's helping me. 

Elsewhere in the house I have paper shapes taped to the staircase wall where I plan to hang a rogues' family gallery. The sewing room is awash with fabric and projects. There's a lot of anticipation around here these days. Our travelers, who left home last September, are arriving home on the 5th of June. Hooray! On the 14th of June, our latest family addition is due. And I'd really like to get a lot of these projects done before then. Will I? Time will tell.

Another thing that's been in the works is the giveaway. My, how time flies. But the number was chosen - 9 - and so Bettyann, of Langley Girl, is the winner of the giveaway. Thank you to all my readers - I wish I could send something to each of you. 


  1. Wow, girl, you have got a lot going on, don't you. You must be getting very excited about baby #2 coming soon and the travelers imminent return. Do what you can until they arrive cause then your arms will be full of babies and big kids.

  2. What a busy time this is for you and the family.
    I've never grown potatoes that way so will be watching worth interest to see how they get on.

  3. Your beds look lovely. I bought some leek to plant the other day and it says plant them in a hole of water. I never knew that! Have to find a way to stop Elsie running off with them. :) xx

  4. That's going to be a great garden - nothing like having your own veggies outside the door! Happy gardening days Lorrie - it will be special to have those neat potatoes to dig later.

    Like the furniture piece - you could have used the new popular chalk paint and saved yourself some of the work -no prep or priming required! Im' sure it will looks fabulous when finished though.

    Congrats. to giveaway winner Bettyann.


  5. Hello Lorrie,

    Well, we are also doing a lot at home. Just finished painting. One of the coming up projects is to re-varnish a unit.

    Love your plantings!


  6. Lorrie, you may have given me the courage to paint a highboy (am I giving my age away?) from my childhood. Am I lazy because I don't want to strip it of its previous two layers? At my age, does it really matter?

  7. Beautiful raised beds, by the way. It must give you so much pleasure to putter in them.

  8. Oh boy you are really working hard around your place. It's so good to have deadlines for motivation. That cabinet is going to be great when you are finished. Blessings on all the fun events happening in your world...

  9. Hi Lorrie - I have been so busy but am taking a few minutes to catch up on what you are doing. You will certainly be so excited these days for june to arrive with all the special events happening. I'll keep an eye on things here and may take a few special photos for you around convocation time. The notecards you send to Vee are amazing. Did you have them professionally printed? Best of luck with your projects. Hope that you are able to accomplish all you hope to in the next while.

  10. I love to see all the plants coming up in the garden! I've planted here, but again something is eating all the leaves off my plants!! I think its birds this time! Would you be able to send me or post the info you found about growing the potatoes like that? I think that would work well here in the small backyard! Thanks!

  11. Lots of fun stuff going on! I'm anxious to see how the china cabinet turns out! Your garden looks healthy!

  12. Is it a canadian thing not to paint over wood...Thank you for the goodies Lorrie.

  13. Ever since I've first come to your blog I've realised what a busy girl you are. You haven't changed, your many activities and plans leave me breathless. Compared to you I'm a sloth.

  14. Oh I am taking note of the idea for potatoes. Perhaps next year I can give it a try. John always asks why I would bother when I can get 50 pounds of potatoes for $2 come September, but that's not the point.

    Looking forward to seeing your hutch all finished, too.

  15. Isn't it amazing how we get inspired when there is lots to look forward to?


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