Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A bit of this and that

 When we went to San Diego in January, I admired some miniature collages I saw in an art gallery. The idea tucked itself into my brain and I was actually able to retrieve it a few weeks ago.

The canvases are small, about 3 inches square, and I painted them, then layered them with bits and pieces I had on hand - fabric flowers, buttons, lace, paper. I'm pleased with the way they turned out. The green pair flew south in a birthday parcel while the pink pair languishes in a cupboard waiting for me to hang them. I have the place in mind, I just need to get to it.

A table at our local bank held a stack of books for sale, the proceeds of which would go to children's literacy. I glanced over the table but this is the only book that caught my eye. I recently read Elizabeth Goudge's Island Magic, a gentle tale of French family life on one of the Channel Islands. This book, according to the flyleaf, also takes place on the Channel Islands. I've not yet begun reading it. It was published in England under the title Green Dolphin Country.

This is the back of the cover. Published in the USA in 1944, the book cover served as an advertisement for War Bonds - the last line says "To buy them is to become a true soldier of Democracy." When I read the ad, I think that perhaps people were less cynical in the 1940s that we are today. I appreciate the straightforward, yet idealistic approach to advertising displayed here. Today we must be wooed, cajoled, and entertained with our advertising. Sometimes, watching television, I wonder what on earth the ad has to do with the product. 

Have you read this book? What do you think of advertising, modern or otherwise?


  1. I remember reading that book long ago. I hope you enjoy it! Your wee collages are a treat. Lucky birthday celebrant!
    Advertising has become entertainment, at least on TV I really resent the ads one now sees in movie theatres and the ones that pop up on blogs. Perhaps I'm getting cranky!

  2. Hello Lorrie,

    Love these collages! I can see them on top of gift boxes. What do you think?


  3. I do love those little collages also...and sweet to find a 3 inch canvas....sigh.

    Oh, and those fabric roses are darling also....


  4. We have this book and we really enjoy Goudge! Dear has read it but I have not yet. Anytime I see a book by her, I buy it!

  5. I like the mini collages, they could tell a story with what is put on them, I should think.

  6. These are awesome, do you mind if I borrow the idea. They would great gifts. Blessed be. Jen

  7. I love the mini collages you created! What a great way to put cute items together!! I am sure the place you have picked out will be perfect ! Have a great week Lorrie!

  8. I haven't read the book...but smiled when I saw the author. I was at The Bookman in Chilliwack today...and checked to see if they had any Elizabeth Goudge books in stock, but they never. You got a good deal! I have only read one of her books to date. I'm not crazy about advertising...and usually tune it out on TV. I paid more for my ad-free version of Kindle...to save me a lot of annoyance.

    Great mini-collages!

  9. I have not read this book but it sounds good from the reactions of those who have! I keep meaning to join the library here, but have not had time to do so as yet.

    Your mini mixed media look very pretty, Lorrie.

    Advertising? I'm sure it is hard for those that in that line of work to keep coming up with new ways to keep it interesting and fresh. Sometimes I appreciate it when it helps me find a new product I like. Very often I tune it out.

  10. My favourite author from childhood. I had so many of her books, but they have been passed on now for others to enjoy. I do hope you will enjoy reading that title.
    Your collages are quite lovely I wonder if you will make more?

  11. You are so creative Lorrie. These collages are really sweet. I haven't read the book or any of Elizabeth Gouge's work but her name has popped up a bit lately. I don't even know who she is. I like the advertising on the back cover for this particular thing. I wouldn't want to see advertising on the back of books today. There is enough in magazines and on Facebook and blogs as it is. (not to forget TV!) Enjoy the book! Pam

  12. I imagine it must have been fun to create the pretty, little collages, Lorrie. As for the book, I don't recall reading it. If you find advertising interestin, CBC radio has a wonderful program called "Under the Influence" with host Terry O'Reilly. I find it fascinating.

  13. Oh such sweet collages - I'll tuck that little idea away for a special spot in my bedroom - it needs just such a touch. Love the old book.

  14. Sweet creations! I'll have the advantage in remembering as I'm pinning.

    Wonderful find on the book table!

    We talk about what we consider inane advertising all the time. I can remember the ad, but have no idea the product being advertised.

    1. If I reply here, Vee, do you get an email? I would like to start replying this way to comments, but don't know quite how it works. Can you let me know if you receive this as an email?

  15. Love the idea of your mini collages--romantic and feminine! Enjoy your new book:)

  16. Those are adorable little collages! Very creative. I'm not familiar with that author or book, but I do like the graphic on the cover, LOL.

  17. I love this idea.
    I agree with you on advertising...they just nearly drive me nuts.:)
    The war bonds....my mama bought them and when I graduated from high school in 1956, she cashed in the bonds and gave me $600.00. Now, that was a LOT of money for an 18 yrs old in those days. I used it help pay for a course in modeling.:)

  18. I have read The Scent of Water by Elizabeth Goudge. I think they should reprint her books. They are hard to find now. Love your miniature collages. Very pretty and romantic.


  19. Have not read the book but I do like the advertising on it. And, your canvases are so nice! I have a small one that I bought at an art show. The small size is appealing for some reason.

  20. I love the canvases!!! I've been wanting to make some similar ones.... you've inspired me once again! The old advertising is great..... we have become a cynical people I think..... I'm just glad we no longer have cigarette ads!


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