Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Walk Through My Garden

The life of a substitute teacher is such that for several weeks I have no work at all, then I get a spate of calls and could be in three classrooms at once. These last couple of weeks have been busy with teaching and with family, also with working in the election. Gardening has taken a back seat. 

I did a quick reconnaissance of what was currently blooming - the bluebells and lilacs are fading rapidly, but the irises are beginning, as are the day lilies.

Hundreds, or so it seems, of tight purple buds on the chive clumps are getting ready to burst into full flower, like the one above. I like the peppery bite of the blossoms in a salad as well as the more mild snipped chive stems.

An update on Casey - he's slowly improving. Yesterday he sat for 2 minutes on the edge of his bed with his legs dangling. A week ago he passed out when attempting to sit. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

What's blooming in your garden? 


  1. Wonderful photos of some of your blooms Lorrie. I'm glad I am retired and can spend a lot of time in the gardens now; sometimes wonder how I kept them up while working.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Oh such pretty spring-ness. I love the perspective of the chive plant and flower - I'm growing some from seeds this year - I lost all mine when the new deck was built - I forgot to rescue them.

  3. I love the photo of your chives. Mine are just starting to form a few buds but that's the only thing other than tulips, which are almost done. Oh and the forget-me-nots are blooming and so pretty. I cut a bouquet for the kitchen. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  4. Progress comes a little slowly at times and then picks up speed. There'll be no stopping now that he's had a taste of swinging his legs for two minutes. It's the little things!

    No irises blooming yet and the chives aren't blossoming so I know that we're well behind you. It was a beautiful day today, though with sunny skies and temps in the 70sF.

  5. In my garden?.....bachelor's buttons, forget-me-not, rhodos, lilies, lilacs and the odd, late tulip.
    I hope things ease up soon so that you can catch your breath and enjoy your garden.

  6. Gorgeous photos. We are in the last few weeks of Autumn so my camellias and salvias are about the main blooms

  7. Beautiful photos of your garden flowers, Lorrie. I've never tasted a chive blossom, but since mine are currently blossoming, I am going to add one to my salad today. One more small thing I'm inspired to try thanks to blog reading :).
    I'm so glad to hear that Casey is making progress and hope that it will continue steadily and smoothly.
    As for my garden, the peonies are just coming into bloom and my first "Double Delight" rose is ready to pop any minute.

  8. Beautiful colours. I always like the tender new shoots of the chives but then when cutting them all down as you know one loses the flowers. Decided this year to let them all flower. Still in bud at the moment.
    I'll have to scroll back and see who Casey is.

  9. Beautiful pops of color. Glad to hear the update on Casey. Sounds like recovery will be slow and steady...

  10. hello lorrie,
    wonderful photos from your flowers. great colors!!! i make with the chive blossom vinegar. thanks for sharing.
    have a great weekend,
    blessings regina

  11. What a lovely surprise I found in my post office box yesterday. Thanks you so much for your spring greetings and caring thoughts. I really have been neglecting my blogging because Spring is finally here and am so sorry to hear about your nephew's accident. I looked back to read about it and am glad to hear that Casey has been improving. Thanks for charing your beautiful flowers with us. As always it's loverly in Victoria!

  12. Purple and yellow...the blooms of spring. Beautiful!

  13. The blooms are lovely. My garden has been working without me these last few weeks as well. So good to hear your nephew (am I correct?) is improving. It takes time. Have a restful weekend.

  14. I love Iris, and yours are spectacular. Beautiful flowers. Our Iris aren't in bloom just yet, but soon.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  15. Lovely photos - the chives are tantalizing and I didn't know their blossoms were edible! How pretty they must look in a salad. Your day lilies are much earlier than here - I don't see any buds even - but I do have Oriental lilies getting ready to beautify the garden..................and sadly I'm going to miss seeing them open! I've asked my granddaughter Jasmin to take photos and e-mail them to me!

    I hope Casey is doing better - it will be a long recuperation but with youth on his side I'm sure he'll be fighting fit again before you know it. My prayers are with him.

    Off early tomorrow so must away and complete all those last minute details - packing for these expedition trips is not easy!

    Love and hugs - take care, 'see you' when I get back.

  16. I'm so glad Casey is improving, Lorrie!

    Your flowers are gorgeous & I'm amazed at how much farther along your Spring blooms are. I had to google your location & you are much more northern than Ohio & yet, warmer. Must be the way the jet stream dips down. We had 2 mornings with frost warnings then it hit 92ยบ the following day. CRAZY!

    I'll have photos of lilacs & lily of the valley to share soon.
    Enjoy the weekend,

  17. That is a gorgeous photo of your iris! What a deep purple. Ours are of course gone now and we are enjoying the peonies. Next the hydrangeas!

  18. I remember a iris similar to the one you have there, it used to bloom in my Mom's garden. Beautiful.

    Hope that you find time to breathe....


  19. Love these flower photos!


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