Wednesday, June 25, 2014


A happy convergence of wanting to sew a quick project and noticing some dust on the shoulders of a couple of special occasion dresses in my closet had me rummaging through my scraps and fabric stash.

I took the photo this morning on the glass-topped patio table. You can see the cloudy sky and the reflection of the buddleia bush that is beginning to bloom. We ate outside last night accompanied by a pair of hummingbirds busy with the flowers. 

The linen came from one very long pieced strip that used to be one of those swoopy window treatments in my living room. I took it down a couple of months ago, washed it, and put it away, wondering if it was destined for rags. Shoulder covers for dresses is a much better idea. I didn't use a pattern for these covers, just traced the outline of a hanger (they fit padded hangers, too) and then cut 2.5 inch squares, pieced them and stitched them to the cover, then trimmed them with ribbon. What took longest was cutting and stitching the squares. The covers are self-lined and by the time I finished all five (the prototype is upstairs already) I'd used up the long swath of linen.

And the hydrangeas are blooming. Our soil is fairly acidic which leads to the bluer toned flowers that I love. I just did a count in my head and there are 8 bushes in various places in our garden. Some are small self-starters from one big bush that I moved last fall.

A few appointments will take me out and about today, but I hope to spend some more time with my sewing machine. There are plenty of scraps left. 

If you sew, do you find the leftover bits and pieces pile up or do you discard the scraps after finishing a project?


  1. Beautiful, Lorrie! I love how you repurposed your linen and made something not only pretty, but oh-so-practical.

  2. Wonderful use of the linen and I love your flowers.

  3. What a wonderful... and lovely idea! Dust covers for our outfits in the closet. (I'd like to know how all that dust gets into the closet of all places.)

    I have to go make some.....


    PS Such a pretty hydrangea -- gorgeous colour!

  4. I love your hanger covers...and what a fine way to use some leftovers, solve a problem, and do it creatively and beautifully!

    I do save leftover bits, but they do accumulate. My daughters make yo-yos with some, but there is always more in the stash.

  5. This is such a clever idea to protect the clothes and to use up the scraps of fabric. xx

  6. Your newest project serves a practical purpose and does it so beautifully. The bit of colour and ribbon adds so much!


  7. Those are great Lorrie!

    I do tend to save as much as possible, but I do toss some.

    I have a few things to sew with my scraps, I just need to make myself sit down and do it!


  8. It's looking so cute..
    I mostly make pin cushion with my scrap...and little scissor fobs..
    Hugs x

  9. I love blue hydrangeas too and that's what we have (acid soil here too). Isn't it amazing how dust collects in the most unexpected places? LOL. Good idea.

  10. Love your creation. Your post is timely as a few weeks ago when I was pulling out formal wear for our cruise I noticed some dust on the straps of a I have a great idea! I should look through my linen closet too. Your flowers are lovely...mine take on a pretty blue from the acidic soil as well.

  11. I love the dust covers - you made them beautiful besides functional.

    And, I have hydrangea envy. With our California drought, my garden is not getting the water it needs.

  12. These are lovely. What a great idea to protect special dresses. I love blue hydrangeas. I bought an Endless Summer Blue 2 years ago and it has 3 buds so far. I just hope the deer don't nibble on them!

  13. I used to save it. Now I have so much of it that I just ditch it. I save anything that's three inches by three inches. I'd never have thought to do this...very clever and practical and good looking.

  14. In the past I used the bits and pieces, but don't sew very much anymore, so don't save as much. Love this sewing project and it might just find it's way onto my sewing table. Love, love hydrangeas and have added some new ones recently.

  15. Love these and great idea. Would be a wonderful gift!! Clarice

  16. You come up with the best ideas...not only functional, but beautiful!

    Lovin' the hydrangea.

  17. Nice dust covers! Fun use of your fabric!

  18. This was a brilliant idea & a great recycle project, too, Lorrie! They turned out very pretty.

    LOVE your hydrangea photos...mine are all pink.

  19. You are always so clever with your sewing. Much better than the plastic ones you can buy.

  20. those are the prettiest shoulder savers. You are so talented!


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