Signs of the Season

Books set in years past often include scenes of spring or fall cleaning. I don't really follow a schedule for seasonal cleaning, although there are things I do at certain times in the year. Yesterday, I scrubbed the siding and porch rails of the front porch. Front porch in the fall, back deck in the spring. 

The door window framed was painted and I also took down the plaque with the house numbers, removed the numbers and painted both the plaque and the numbers. Now to replace the very old weathered mail box. A pot of mums and I'm finished with this area. It feels good to have one project finished.

The hydrangeas faded early this year; some to this pale lavender, others to a richer burgundy. Although the sun shines brightly and skies are blue, the wind whispers that colder weather is coming. I put on blue jeans for the first time since June. I might be thinking about putting socks on my feet. 

But the dahlias, brightly coloured, still dance in the breeze. There's so much beauty in our world. Early Autumn is a time to let the blue skies and lingering flowers seep into my mind and soul, even as my days are filled with busy chores. Take a moment to breathe. To give thanks. 



  1. So good to finish a project, isn't it? My dad always said the front door was important and always kept the stoop swept clean. Your entry is lovely.

  2. It is good to have a project finished - spiffing up things always makes me feel good. I cleared out the old plants on the deck and put in fresh mums - it looks so much better.

    Love your flower photos - just a bit of summer color left.

  3. LOL. I put on socks just the other day when it was cooler here. Now we are warming up--yet again--to the upper 80s+. I am glad it is comfortable at night.
    Your dahlia is gorgeous!
    PS: Yea on the finished project!

  4. Love the sweet flowers..
    Sweet hugs x

  5. There is indeed so much beauty, even at this end of the season. I have a gorgeous deep burgundy Dahlia in full flower at the moment, and I catch my breath when I see it glowing in the Autumn sun.

  6. Ahhhhh... lovely!

    I have a special place in my affection for dahlias at this time of year. For as a small child in grade 1 or 2, mom bundled a small bouquet for me to take to school for my teacher. My buttons near burst for the pride of seeing the posy on her desk.

    Love your front entrance.

  7. Everything looks all tickety-boo Lorrie!
    I love the door and how welcoming to have a planter of Mums!
    In my neck of the woods everything needs sprucing up after the rain and wind of winter!
    I'm seeing such wonderful colours in the hydrangeas on the blogs I visit. Your lavender one is so pretty.
    Mine have sprung into leaf and once the temperatures rise flower buds will start appearing.
    Oh the joy of the change of seasons whichever way it goes.

  8. It feels good to take the time to do a little extra cleaning at this time of year. And always good to be thankful. Sweet hugs, Diane

  9. I do love this time of year. It seems projects are easier to accomplish. You've completed some great projects!

  10. Wasn't it just the other day I was admiring your dahlia photos?!
    I made a note a few mornings ago that I must take my gloves out of storage soon -- almost chilly on the bike in the a.m. now. . .

  11. Oh yes, it is a great feeling to have a project finished. Your front entry looks so welcoming and tidy.

  12. Your front entry does sparkle and welcomes company. I have been wearing jeans and put socks on a few days ago. Seems tht Calgary's snow is headed our way. Oh groan. While I am embracing a change in seasons, I certainly am not ready for snow. Oh and I love your red door.

  13. That is a great chore done! I need to get my front area tidied up as well. The back deck is new so in good shape. I was checking out mums today but didn't buy any and my summer flowers are still blooming beautifully. My toes are cold this evening but I'm still in bare feet. lol

  14. Your entrance is welcoming Lorrie and I like the colour of the front door.
    I had to put on slacks and socks for a meeting this evening as it is barely 50F.

  15. With the weather cooling down, I am getting energized about getting some projects done, too. Your front porch looks nice and clean and tidy.
    I put socks on today too. That hydrangea looks beautiful!

  16. Beautiful! Your door is about the same color as our door. Oh mums!!! Every year when I see them I want more, but our garden is getting full of mums from all the pots I have purchased. Maybe I will skip this year, but guessing I will weaken. How I love them.

  17. Beautiful photos. Didn't it seem like everything bloomed, harvested early this year? Maybe because it was such a sunny, warm summer. There is a change in the light now and cold nights, even with warm days. Clarice

  18. Such an inviting entry! It feels good to get those household chores done, doesn't it? A can of black spray paint could freshen up the mailbox if you didn't want to invest in a new box.

  19. I admire those who do spring/fall cleaning. I can barely manage weekly cleaning.

  20. It is amazing, our Hydrangeas started also fading this year very early, already in late August! The Dahlias came into flower very early in June and - to my great pleasure - they still keep on flowering.
    That's garden life - every year something else.

  21. I love a clean welcoming front porch! I think that sometimes we almost imagine this happens automatically for others, but you are helping me see that if it looks nice, it has taken a bit of elbow grease and care and it's a good thing to enjoy that.
    Your dahlia photo is beautiful!

  22. You are giving me some housecleaning ideas I'd never have thought of by myself. :-) This is one thing I like about reading blogs. Happy Autumn!


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