Friday, January 09, 2015

Before Christmas Sewing and Soccer Coach

Making gifts is something I like to do. I get ideas all year long, but never make anything until shortly before the gift-giving event. Before Christmas I worked a lot and thus, my sewing output suffered. These are a few things I did manage to finish.
My daughter-in-law is interested in embroidery, so I made her this case.

I purchased this pattern as a PDF download from Anna at Noodle-Head. The instructions were fairly clear although I'll change a few things the next time I make it.

Katie also wanted a pin cushion so I whipped this one up at the last minute. I love that leaf print. 


For Eldest Daughter (who runs Dapple Design Shop), I stitched up this sewing organizer from the same fabrics. The bag is for collecting threads and trimmings by the sewing machine and the pin cushion is weighted to sit firmly on the table. One of these might be in the works for me - threads are everywhere when I sew.

For the little girls I made pillowcases, one of Frozen* fabric and the other of Princesses (one wearing a green dress which is very important to a little girl who loves the colour.) I pulled the snowman fabric from my stash and whipped up a set of wintry cases for the guest room, too.

Few photos have been taken around here lately. Sickness, then other things have filled my days. Today, I subbed. English in the morning and Physical Education in the afternoon.

I giggled to myself during the Grade 10 Boys' PE class. They played soccer out on the field. I numbered off teams, assigned pinnies, asked boys to set up the temporary goal posts, then walked between the two ongoing games, blowing my whistle when it was time to change opponents. All the boys are taller and heavier than I am. I am the least sporty person ever and it tickled me no end to play this role of gym teacher. The students were great. Tim laughed when I told him about my day, too.

I'm looking forward to getting the house in order this weekend, go for a walk, out to a movie with my husband, and maybe do a little sewing. How about you?



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  2. What a fun post. Love the embroidery case - and the cute idea of the tape measure and lace on the pin cushion. What fun the girls must have with the pillowcases. Hope all your weekend activities are fun after the week of working.

  3. What cute projects, Lorrie. I love your fabric choices. I have been stitching a lot over the past weeks and there are threads everywhere. It makes it really worthwhile to pull out the vacuum cleaner!
    This weekend? We are going to change two rooms around - the one that was the den will become a guest room and the guest room will become.........the den. Then I'll pack, and on Sunday head for a week's work on the mainland.

  4. Your projects are all so beautiful and well-made! The bag for collecting threads is a great idea.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Just what I need! I seem to end up with a lot of offcuts and bits and pieces. What a good idea.

  6. How nice to get to see your projects, Lorrie! Both the emb. organizer and the thread catcher are wonderful. Thanks for the link to purchase the pattern. I know your gifts were much appreciated!
    I have a thread catcher that looks like a frog & his mouth is always FULL of snips of thread. Someday I say I'll put them all into a clear Christmas globe but I never remember to buy one.
    Ms. C. visits today so I doubt I'll get any sewing done but maybe tomorrow. I miss it when I don't get to play in my sewing room!
    Hope all are well at your house now .

  7. Should we sit down with tea or coffee to chat, we would find just how much we have in common. First the pre-Christmas sewing. We really should come up with a better plan and begin early fall or even mid summer to get head start, but then I think we are both outside in the garden. And the stories we could share as teaching subs. I worked as a sub for many years until I decided to go to grad school. I live just down the street from our high school and hear the kids's laughter in the early morning and miss them. Your girls surely loved your gifts from the heart. I will have the 3 granddaugthers today while their momma and grandpa go pick up a Craig's List bargain. I hope to go to an antique show before the day is over. I hope you have a good day.

  8. Oh you have been busy at the sewing machine. You create such beautiful gifts and useful things with fabric, Lorrie. The pillow cases are cute and the embroidery folder is really pretty. I'm sure the receivers of these gifts were delighted.

  9. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well but happy to hear that the worst is over for you. Lovely food and lovely flowers, and wonderful sewing projects...I thought of you when I made a game for my granddaughter from scraps. I hope to make a blog post about it. I think all six kids and my grand daughter will be here tonight until tomorrow and I'm pooped from the weeks behind me so I'm on the computer. Makes no sense. Oh boy it's a mess here!

  10. Glad you had fun with that PE class! Your projects are all so well sewn. What a great idea to have someplace nice to discard all the loose thread and scraps...

  11. You made some beautiful things Lori. I like the embroidery case you made for your daughter and the pincushion!

    Hope you are feeling better? Have a good weekend!

    Madelief x

  12. It sounds like you are feeling better. What fun to teach that PE Class! You're a good sport, no pun intended. Hope you are enjoying the weekend and all your plans. I like your sewing projects.

  13. I loved your sewing projects, and choice of fabrics. Have a great weekend.

  14. So many wonderful finishes. Handmade gifts are the best. When I look at the high school students at our school, I feel like they are all so much older than me. They certainly are bigger. Ha! Glad to hear you are feeling better and have plans for a lovely weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

  15. Lovely sewing projects Lorrie, I think I need to make one of those thread catchers for myself too LOL! Glad the boys were cooperative during your PE class, did you have fun blowing that whistle?! Sewing to be done around here this weekend for Valentine's Day, have a great weekend!

  16. A threadcatcher is on my radar as well, Lorrie. Love all your little projects and as always your fabric choices are delightful. I especially love the little pincushion for Katey.

  17. I don't even embroider, but can appreciate the beautiful case you made, as well as the other items. I love the fabric you chose. You make me want to attempt a little sewing project of some kind, Coach!


  18. Your handmade gifts are lovely. It is evident that a lot of thought went into tailoring them to the receiver's personal tastes.
    I had to smile while reading about your time on the soccer field. I was thinking this was a side of you that we haven't seen before. Like you I am not sports minded. However I live among three men who spend most of their time together watching sports. I have gotten good at pretending I know (or care) what's happening on the football field.
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend. So far mine has mostly been about getting the house back in order.

  19. Everything you made is beautiful Lorrie - lovely modern fabrics that our daughter's age girls prefer.
    The little pin cushion is very pretty.
    You always seem to fit in so much even with working. I have good intentions but I'm getting slower now!
    I love your P/E story - I've never been sporty either although I enjoy tramping!

  20. these are all darling! I had to laugh as I did not know that people were organized enough to collect threads! :) I just push them away for awhile and still half of them end up on the floor versus the table : )

  21. What a great embroidery bag. I'm so impressed. The cushions and weighted holder are great too.


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