Five on Friday

It's awfully difficult for teenagers (and teachers) to focus on grammar, classical roots and literary devices when the sun shines as gloriously as it has this week.

We're basking in warmth and blue skies for a few days. So very lovely. The pot of ranunculus on the front porch welcomes me with pinky smiles when I walk up the steps. 

Tulips are beginning to bloom, in fact, this one caught me unawares and it's almost done! It's from a mixed planter I had last year and put into the ground after it finished blooming so there are just a few of these interestingly tinted tulips.

I went out into the garden for a few minutes after school today and heard plenty of buzzing around the rosemary bush. Bees a-plenty dove in and out of the blossoms. A most welcome sight.

This graceful string of bleeding hearts looks like jewels on a chain, or a charm bracelet of the prettiest sort. They look as though they should chime in the wind, but they are silent.

I hope the bees make it over to the Lapin Cherry tree that is in bloom in another corner of the garden, for the result may be lots of sweet juicy cherries. Wouldn't that be lovely? I can almost taste the dark sweet juice. Oh summer! You are a long ways off yet, but these days tantalize us all.

I'm hoping to be out in the garden this weekend, planting a few seeds, pulling a lot of weeds, and doing a little more basking in the sun. The housework - well, it will get done, too. Some of it. 

What's on your agenda for the weekend? 

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  1. Hi Lorrie,

    You always take SUCH beautiful photos! :) Lovely flowers one and all; we have Bleeding Hearts here, and I adore them. They have to be some of the prettiest flowers ever. I'm so glad you're having nice weather there, and it sounds like you will make the most of it this weekend. Enjoy!!

    Hugs to you,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. Oh so hard to concentrate when the sunshine is calling Lorrie!
    Your garden is waking up again and you will discover new arrivals each day - it is the most exciting time!
    I always enjoy a walk around my garden with a mug of coffee in hand just to see what has popped through overnight!
    Vibrant colours of the flowers and the subtle perfume in the air - I can understand how Poets were inspired to write what was in their hearts!

  3. Wasn't it a glorious week? I find myself in the odd situation of wishing for a little rain. We need to plant a hedge and the ground is already dry.

  4. Dear Lorrie,
    Such lovely images and beautiful words from your garden today! We are having the same beautiful sunshine and I am enjoying the work in the gardens this weekend. I hope your weekend is happy and sweet. xx Karen

  5. Always a delight to visit, you take such beautiful photos. You captured a beautiful one of the bee, a real joy. Hopefully I will have a stroll around a car boot sale and spend some time in the garden but the weather forecast is not looking good.

  6. Such beautiful beauty!! A real delight to see. Hope you will enjoy some time outside this weekend. Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, I hope you have a great weekend! xx

  7. Have you made it to the garden yet? By your lovely photos, it looks like Spring has found her way to your garden. Here, it has been cold. I have been holding my breath hoping that the tender buds on the fruit trees don't freeze. School will soon be over and the teens and teacher free. Some good garden therapy will be good for you.

  8. Whats in store for MY weekend, you asked....SNOW! A four letter word!!!

    Loved seeing your beautiful photos. They give me hope

  9. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Definitely outside work will be on the agenda besides sticking the marinating lamb in the oven a little later. I'm also going to a Soccer game tonight.
    Your flowers are so pretty. Your and my bleeding hearts are at the same stage it seems. Enjoy the outdoors this weekend!!

  10. Oh Lucky you! It sounds so lovely there Lorrie. It's above freezing here and actually got to 15 yesterday so a lot of our snow is gone again. Nothing exciting going on except we are invited to friends for supper today. Hubby is helping our son at the Home Show today so I'm blogging. If the sun was shining I might have gone outside to clean up the yard. That will come. Enjoy the sunshine.

  11. It's always wonderful to stop by your blog and see such gorgeous creations captured in all their wonder.

  12. Your flowers are gorgeous, and the pink & white tulip is a beauty! That's a wonderful shot of your bleeding heart (a favourite flower). I can't wait to hear the buzzing of the bees again. We're not being tempted into the garden just yet. Flowers are still hiding from view, and there are a few snow flurries around today. I have been keeping watch on my lilac bushes though ... lots of buds getting bigger and bigger with each sunny day.

    Today my husband and I took a truck load of garbage to the dump, and another load to the goodwill store. Now it's time to find something to do indoors again ... chilly out there!


  13. Absolutely beautiful, Lorrie. Your blooms are way ahead of ours and it's still cold here, although we have had a couple of sunny days and I have rushed out to the garden with secateurs and loppers to crack on with the spring pruning. Not today though, too cold and wet. I hope you are having a good weekend. x

  14. Wonderful Spring (and lovely memories for me)! I remember those Spring-fever days. And to be honest I don't know how kids here in Florida ever learn anything. I suppose they just get used to nice weather.

  15. Your visit to your garden is just glorious! How I am loving these sunshiny days. This weekend I am preparing for a small tea time tomorrow for some friends.

  16. I'm so glad you spotted that tulip before it was too late. It is a beauty, as are all of your flowers today. I was amazed by the blooms on your rosemary. Mine has no blooms yet.
    After some early morning rain I decided to spend a few hours tackling the weeds. It was sunny and mild and so nice to be outside listening to the birds sing.

  17. Beauty in every photo!

  18. Wow, that is really spring! And when it comes, it comes very fast.... and all the wonderful flowers... The bees are busy and they will find the cherry tree.
    We will today have our first lunch outdoor in the backyard - jiiipieee -
    Enjoy the time

  19. How lovely your photos are and I love the idea of the bleeding hearts tinkling in the breeze they do look as if they sould don't they? Hope you are having a lovely weekend:)

  20. Hello, Lorrie!
    A big smile came to my face as soon as I saw the first of your photos. They are so beautiful and so full of sunshine!
    Thank you for sharing and have a lovely Sunday!

  21. All the photos are gorgeous! Happy weekend.

  22. Love that Bleeding Heart! I used to have one, but it died out over the years. Makes me want to go and get another. You have a lovely Sunday! Kit

  23. It was so nice to see your spring flowers, we're buried in snow again and my bulbs that have been pushing up are on hold. I'm often envious of folks in the norther states that many options for heading south and away from a snowy winter while we only have one place to go - west to BC. It gets more appealing every year. ;-)

  24. Your pictures are tantalizing themselves, Lorri! That must be some fine gardening climate that you live in!

  25. So much colour already. The bleeding hearts look beautiful. Hope you managed to get busy in the garden. B x

  26. I love reading your descriptions of your photos, as much as seeing your photos, Lorrie!

  27. What fabulous spring pictures!


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