Monday, May 23, 2016

Every Weekend Should Be Long

Monday evening. This Victoria Day weekend has passed by in a satisfying melange of family, friends, garden, reading and puttering.

Radishes are ready for eating: crunchy, with a mild peppery bite. Delicious just rinsed and eaten whole, but yummy added to salads, too.

The pink peonies are at their peak and the fat buds on the white bush will burst any day. I picked a bunch for the house, along with silvery soft lamb's ears and perky lemon balm. They make me smile when I catch glimpses of them on the dining room table. Another vase full sits on the mantel. 

Saturday was spent in the garden - the pots on the porch and deck are filled with gerbera daisies, lobelia, heliotrope and something silvery whose name escapes me. I weeded and trimmed, planted a new rose bush (Winchester Cathedral - a David Austin rose), and didn't really want to come indoors. But tummies growled and I wondered what to make for dinner. A vegetable souffle tickled my fancy so that's what I made.

I forgot how many dishes it takes to make a souffle. And how many steps. However, they came together quickly and I cleaned up the kitchen while they underwent the magic of baking. The recipe made 6 - 8 oz souffles. Two went down that night and the other two were reheated and eaten for breakfast this morning with Buttermilk Biscuits.

Barbara of Small Moments organized a stationery swap not long ago. I was paired with Stephanie of The Enchanting Rose who sent me the wonderful parcel of goodies seen above. French-themed note cards (handmade!), loads of tags and labels, pretty ribbons and papers, and three pieces of beautiful fabric. Everything was tied up with strips of tulle and tucked into the box. Thank you so much, Stephanie!

One more peony photo to end with. Tomorrow it's back to school, but the countdown to exams and summer holidays is beginning! June 17 is the last day of classes.

Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog. I read them and try to visit your blogs in return. I know it's hard to click back into a conversation. Have a week filled with moments to remember.


  1. You have a way to make us feel your senses...smell, vision, taste...I am so craving eggs right now and it it weren't so late I believe I'd give a try at a soufflé!

    Have a wonderful week, Lorrie.


  2. Stephanie does send lovely gifts! Thank you for joining in the swap, Lorrie, it seems to have given a lot of pleasure to people.
    Your I am feeling victorious because my one lone plant finally has a bud! What do you do to produce such wonderful flowers?

  3. Such lovely peonies from your garden. We had heavy rain and high winds over the weekend, so my peonies took a battering even after I had tied & staked them. it's true they don't last very long, I had thought of choosing some Pale pink ones, but after another year of not having the pleasure of enjoying them . I think I'll change my mind and choose something else. heliotrope was a popular plant in England , but not so here in France. I look forward to seeing yours in your pots . Your radish looked so crunchy & fresh.

  4. Long, relaxing weekends surrounded by beautiful things is lovely. I try to spend every day having moments like this, taking everything nice and slow. We tend to spin ourselves into a frenzy thinking we have to do this or that. I love dinners that do double duty as breakfast. :) Have a good week.

  5. What a wonderful package from Stephanie...she's such a sweetheart! And I know you enjoyed the exchange. Hope your week is wonderful! Hugs!

  6. Your weekend sounds just right.

    Those peonies are lovely and making me more eager to see mine bloom! They are so close!

    Lovely stationary!

  7. I agree - every weekend should be three or four days. I guess it's called retirement!
    I'M wondering if I have been emailing you at a mistaken adress, as I have emailed twice but not heard back. I did lose some Contacts when I bought a new computer and perhaps that is the problem.
    I have also bought a new David Austin rose, Molyneux. So beautiful.

  8. Oh Lorrie, your peonies are fabulous! I had to buy some from Trader Joe's!! I just read that lemon is a good mosquitos deterrent. Your soufflés look wonderful, as do those fresh radishes! What pretty stationary from sweet Stephanie!

  9. Your peonies and little floral arrangements are beautiful. Impressive soufflé, it certainly looks wonderful.

  10. Beautiful gift to receive. The kast days of school will go by quickly. Now I'm retired, it's a never ending weekend :)

  11. I totally agree that every weekend should be long! But my annual pension statement says that I still have years to go before I can enjoy neverending weekends.

    Your peonies are gorgeous! I have pink ones that bloom every summer, but I'll have to try picking some this year.

    How wonderful to be paired up with Stephanie for the stationery swap and receive her beautiful, handcrafted goodies. Blogland is such a small world!

  12. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I never tire of seeing peonies. Such a great creation. Glad you had a good 3 day weekend. Ours is coming up. Nice swap goodies. Hope your week is going well.

  13. Oh that souffle looks delicious!! Our peonies are not in bloom here just yet but soon! I have loved seeing yours :)

  14. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Lorrie, love all your sweet stationary treats from Stephanie. She makes such beautiful things! And I'd love your soufflé recipe when you aren't too busy!

  15. Your peonies look very pretty with the lemon balm and lamb's ear. I love the texture of lamb's ear. So soft.
    That vegetable souffle looks delicious.
    The swap you participated in sounds like fun. Stephanie did a beautiful job. What a lovely surprise to receive in the mailbox.

  16. What beautiful flowers - and the radishes look so yummy. I like them for just about any meal - and also just for snacking. I like them really really cold!!!

    Your swap gifts were so sweet - clever ideas.
    I've never made a souffle but I'm sure I would eat one.

    We have Memorial Day 3 day weekend coming up - and it looks like the weather will be nicer - at long last. We've been chilly for so long. It seems your weather might be a bit warmer than we are over here on the mainland. I want long warm days to putter about and have meals on the deck - it looks like it is coming, at last.

  17. What a ,lovley way to spend the all looks lovely!

  18. From lovely yummy souffles and beautiful French is always a pleasure to visit you here!

  19. I've never made soufflé. I should attempt. That's what it would be, an attempt. Still waiting on peonies here. It's seems a long wait. Our school children will be out this week. I'll have the grandsons the first week in June. Then they have a summer full of plans. We will be keeping up with the yard and garden. Lovely stationary. You will enjoy sending lovely notes on pretty paper.

  20. Your peonies are gorgeous. Your weekend sounds perfect.

  21. The peonies are beautiful, and don't they have a lovely scent. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend filled with things you enjoy. That's about perfect!

  22. Now those are the radishes I look for in stores but can never find, the slender small ones that you roll in butter and dip in salt and have with gougeres hot from the oven. Or at least that's been my dream ever since I read about it years ago. I've pulled off the gougeres though, but never have baked a souffle. Yours looks delicious. And what is the salad beside it?

    I'm glad you had Victoria Day to enjoy,

  23. Definitely! And it looks like you've put yours to good use :-)

  24. Your bouquet is so pretty. I'm glad you had a productive weekend in the garden. I guess we did too as the weather has been perfect. I have never made a souffle probably because of all the 'effort' in making it. lol You certainly received a lovely gift in the swap. I hope your week back to work is going well.

  25. Very pretty flowers and what a lovely gift you received from Stephanie, She is such a wonderful person. Love those dirt covered radishes.

  26. Such a soothing post, & food & FARMING! LOL
    Your peonies are such a gorgeous deep pink color. I noticed ONE of mine has finally opened up. Our weather just got time for a parade & picnics.
    Enjoy the end-of-the year wrap grandkidlets are done as of Friday!!!

  27. Hello Lorrie, I came over to visit with you from the stationary swap. My what a lovely gift package you received from my dear Stephanie. So many beautiful and useful items you now have to share with others.
    Gorgeous flowers!

    Have a beautiful and blessed weekend~

  28. Ah, yes, I love long weekends too! What a delightful post of small joys bringing smiles all around.

  29. Hi sweet Lorrie! Forgive me for just now visiting your lovely blog. It was such a joy to take a few quiet moments out of my day to drop in and say hello :) I always enjoy your beautiful photos.

    Your peonies look stunning! Mine are slowly coming up and I simply can't wait until they start blooming :)

    Thinking of you and wishing you a blessed evening. Hugs and joy!

  30. What a wonderful swap you received. How fun!


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