Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday Five - Friday Bliss

Today is rather blissful - I came home from school, made a cup of tea and put my feet up - it's Spring Break! Two weeks of a more relaxed pace ahead. We have a short trip planned, not too far, and I'd like to do some gardening. Also reading, sewing, relaxing, seeing family. All good things. 

In spite of the cold weather that far outstayed its welcome, I put away the red dishes and brought out a few spring things. I'm happy to say that the cold is now gone and we're looking forward to some sunny warm weather in the next week. 

My daughter gave me the turquoise deviled egg plate, a vintage piece. My mother has such a plate, and they are so useful for ... deviled eggs. I've not been able to think of another use for the plate. Do you have one, and do you use it for anything else? 

Under the soil, life emerges in the garden. Crinkled rhubarb leaves unfold towards the sun and will soon stretch long stalks upwards. I like stewed rhubarb with plain yogurt; my husband prefers his with ice cream. There's also a Rhubarb Cheesecake Pie that I make in the spring. Yummy things ahead!

Elsewhere, Tete-a-tete Daffodils bloom alongside blue Muscari. Almost every day there's something new to see in the garden. Lilac buds swell. Pointy spikes of tulip leaves poke up through the earth. The party is starting! 

Brenda of It's a Beautiful Life shared a quote from Gwendolyn Brooks on Facebook a week or so ago.

"What she like was candy buttons, 
      and books,
      and painted music (deep blue or delicate silver)
      and the west sky;
      so altering, 
      views from the steps of the back porch;
      and dandelions." 

Someone commented on the post that it didn't make sense because you can't see music. That reminded me of Sara Teasdale's poem "Barter" in which she uses the metaphor "music like a curve of gold." 

There's a word for crossing senses: synesthesia. Seeing sounds, associating numbers with colours, etc. Some people have it in spades. I don't think I do, but Teasdale's idea of music as gold has grated me from the first time I heard it. To me, music is silver, and now, after reading Brooks' quote I can probably add dark blue, too. Gold, never.

Do you think of anything as a colour? I have a few other things that I think of in the same way. 

Some of my reading material. I finished The Dressmaker - not that great, and I've barely begun the Susan Hill novel - a mystery. The others are patiently waiting their turn.

We're looking forward to seeing our Vancouver children this evening and getting together with the whole gang for a walk and a meal on Saturday. 

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  1. Enjoy your Spring Break.
    Have fun with your Vancouver children … have a great walk over the weekend and a fabulous meal.

    All the best Jan

  2. A wonderful spring break to you! It will be soft blue with a thread of palest yellow...just teasing! I have never made these kinds of connections. I didn’t even know there was such a thing until this post: synesthesia you say. Hmmm... May have to explore this a bit.

    I have never thought of another way to use a deviled egg plate, but then mine is a piece of plastic. I really need to find a real dish for this purpose so I can give that plastic one the boot.

  3. The spring display on the cupboard shelves looks very beautiful and elegant! That cup with blue & white stripes is great. Your rhubarb is soon ready to be harvested - joys of spring... I ought to wake up to spring time too - we have it very warm and rainy - that is good, for the snow is melting!

    Enjoy your spring break Lorrie!

  4. I love the way you've arranged the dresser, such a fresh and pretty look. All the photos are beautiful, they always are with you, and I love your pile of books as well. I've read the Susanna Kearsley one, she is a favorite of mine, they all look promising. Enjoy your break!

  5. Have a wonderful Spring Break! Warmer weather is truly just around the corner. We are nearing the end of spring around here. Hoping mild temps last at least for another month.

  6. Enjoy your Spring break Lorrie - love the pretty crinkled leaves of the rhubarb emerging out of the earth - in our house it is rhubarb crumble, husband loves it.

  7. Enjoy your Spring break and the family visit. Always a joy to see the rhubarb starting to emerge and unfurl, crumble is a firm favourite here.

  8. You could put Easter eggs on your pretty plate?
    Hope your Spring break is restful with time to do things that you might not have time for otherwise.

  9. Wishing you a relaxing Spring break and enjoy your trip!

  10. You’ll love the Susan Hill I’m sure. What a lovely post. Silver and blue for music, without doubt. Colours and smells for me go together. All the nature combinations. Ferny green smells.
    Have a lovely spring break. B x

  11. Oh you'll have such fun on your break! Hope the sun warms things and you can enjoy the outdoors. I see colors and hear music..always and everywhere! And I dream! I'm stuck on books though. I'm in between books and looking for another mystery series to get interested in. Happy weekend!

  12. Lovely spring images! You could use the devised egg plate at Easter. I've read some other books about Sisi (Elizabeth) and she was an interesting character. Enjoy your break and your family.

  13. Perfect post to read with my coffee today! Yay for spring break! I have to enjoy your flower pics since everything is still covered in mounds of snow here. I love those little purple flowers. My children see words and numbers as colors, but I don't. I do not see music as color but as air about me. 😊 May you have a wonderful time on your vacation! Kit

  14. Enjoy your spring break and special time with family, I see color in music, depending on what I am listening too, as I write I am listening to Big Band/ Swing, I see blue skies. ~smile~
    You blue deviled egg plate is pretty, I have a milk glass one, and can't find any other use other than deviled eggs.

  15. Sounds like a great start to your Spring break. I use my deviled egg plates for our Easter eggs. That's a beauty!

  16. Lorrie - congrats on having two weeks to put your feet up and take short breaks or do whatever you want! I can't think of another use for the deviled eggs plate, but I can think of plenty of things to do with the rhubarb! How wonderful that you are already seeing signs of spring in your garden … we are just happy that we broke 40 degrees F today!

  17. I hope you are enjoying some lovely family time. I am intrigued by your Spring Break; does that mean that you don't have a fortnight at Easter? x

  18. Lorrie, when I first read this post the other day on my phone I was so happy picturing you having two weeks off for spring break and all the wonderful things you'll fill those days with--isn't that funny how close we become to blog friends that we're happy for them when they're happy and are sad for them when they're sad. I hope every day offers you many gifts!

    What you wrote about the person not being able to see music brought back a beautiful memory to me. When my granddaughter was four she told our son that she wished she could hold music in her hands. A perfect expression of her love of the music she was hearing, I think.

  19. Have a wonderful Spring Break. Little B just finished his, I had to work so no break for me. Enjoy every moment of yours.

  20. Love the blue accents in your spring tableau. Enjoy your break!

  21. One of my girls associates numbers and colors. I don't think I ever have though. I think your tea cup is lovely and I am glad you have spring break to enjoy!

  22. You taught me something to day. I never have heard of synesthesia. I think I tried to have it when I was pregnant with hyperemesis. When I had to cook for the kids when I was nauseous I would tell myself the food was just colors. Corn was just yellow. Meat was just brown. It was a weird time. I don't that that is really synesthesia by definition though.

  23. The name Donna has always been associated with brown to me. Not sure about too much else. It's such an interesting phenomenon!
    I don't have an egg dish like that, I've passed them up because we love deviled eggs, but I have to make a lot of them and the plates aren't big enough. Maybe it could hold some decorated Easter eggs. I like their shape and the curved indentations for the eggs.

  24. Enjoy your spring break. I believe you are a little further along with spring than we are in the garden. I can barely see the beginning of the rhubarb peeking through the ground. I have just decided I like rhubarb in the last couple years, so just exploring. Yumm! It would be good on ice cream. I did make a syrup last year and added it to ginger ale, which was good. Your teacup is quite beautiful. Love the books you are reading. I have my mother-in-laws egg plate, which my daughter borrows from time to time too. We love having it. I am taking a small road trip the next few days to Pt. Townsend. Can't wait to see what spring is like there.


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