Monday, March 23, 2020

These Days

The strangeness of these days really hit home on Saturday morning when I went to the grocery store and saw a line up of people waiting to get in. Only 50 people at a time are permitted in the store. When I stay home, and keep the news off, I go about my daily routine with little difference than before. The pansies in the pot beside the front porch are blooming their hearts out these days, purple and yellow in endless blossoms (as long as I pick off the faded blooms). 

My sourdough starter needed feeding and I hated to throw away any of it, so last night I made a pan of sourdough biscuits to eat with the beef stew that simmered throughout the day sending wonderful smells throughout the house. 

Many people are freely sharing resources for staying busy during these days at home. I find no lack of things to do, in fact, I'm not accomplishing very much beyond the usual. Charlotte Lyons, on IG, shared this idea for a simple card. I thought it would be fun for the grandchildren to make, so I made sets, sketching quickly in pencil, then using a fine black liner before colouring my set. I'll pop them in the mail, or drop them off in a mailbox and perhaps that will keep the grands occupied for awhile. I had fun with mine, and the various elements can be rearranged as desired. 

I recently learned about Britain's Mass Observation Project that chronicles thoughts, opinions, and experiences of ordinary people. The current iteration began in 1981, but in 1937 people were invited to participate in creating "an anthology about ourselves." Those who participated sent their observations to a central location. This continued through WWII until the 1950s. 

I have always kept a journal, sometimes more regularly than others, but decided about a week ago that recording my thoughts during these strange days would serve as a record of the time for myself, and also help me to work through some of my emotions. I don't often write about current events in my journal, but I am doing so now. 

Over the weekend I baked some lemon shortbread with a lemon glaze. Crisp and buttery, with a melt-in-your mouth texture, they were shared with friends, and the last two remaining were sent to work with Tim this morning. 

Daffodils, hyacinths, and muscari vie with the pansies for colour in the garden. I cut a bouquet for the house and the sweet scent wafts when I walk by. 

I watched this bee for quite some time, busily going from flower to flower, and thought about how lovely life is just now, with spring popping out everywhere and the earth coming alive with flowers and insects. 

How important it is that we find the beauty and the joy in these days, and remember the sweetness of life. How are you faring in these strange times?


  1. Strange times indeed but what a treat to be able to visit blogging friends and see how they are managing this time. I also appreciate the encouragement that we get from other bloggers. You are managing your time well. Such beautiful creations coming out of your oven! Blessings on you during this difficult time!

  2. We are well but missing our regular social interactions with family and friends. We face timed with the grandchildren yesterday which was fun.
    I am enjoying the flowers in our garden, making soups and nourishing meals. Baking bread every couple of days and taking many tea breaks with my books.
    Your lemon shortbread looks amazing!
    I went to Peppers yesterday and they were sanitizing the carts after each use. Only 8 or 10 people allowed inside at a time. The store had most things in stock and I found a 10kg bag of flour which was like winning the lottery! I was down to a couple of cups and was wondering if I would find more.
    Take care Lorrie.

  3. You are so close to a major hotspot that I am sure it can be distressing. Then there’s your husband’s work.

    The photos you have shared are lovely and the grandchildren will appreciate your thinking of them. That is a cute project for a greeting card. I have been going through vintage greeting cards today so it’s on my mind.

  4. It would be very easy to fall into despair right now, even though I am a fairly upbeat person. I am choosing to rest in God's peace. I love those spring flowers.Too soon for them around here, but they will come.

  5. I loved your photos. Not much growing here just yet. Doing pretty well. I stay away from news and haven't had to go to the store. My children have asked us to be safe and stay home. They have been picking up items for us. Take care. Kit

  6. It's hard tp think of you moving a little slower, but it's smart! The positive and uplifting activities we do are evidence of the true loves in our lives. We are alike with gardening and cooking. I just have a few little shoots of spring flowers coming up, once we warm up and have more sunny days they will take off. Cooking is always a time to chill for me, yet it's frustrating that I can't pop into stores to pick up fresh ingredients.

    Stay well, Lorrie.

    Jane x

  7. Lovely photos and thoughtful post which echoes much o what I feel about these strange and difficult times. From midnight last night we are currently in lockdown and I worry about the Wanderer alone in her little studio flat in London but then am also thankful that this has happened at this time of year when there is so much hope to be seen in Nature rather than in the dull dark days of winter. Let's all keep as cheerul as possible and reading each other's posts may help us to know that we aren't alone in all this.

  8. Good morning Lorrie,

    Beautiful photos and spring flowers. In Finland people share also on social media joy & tips to do, things to be happy about. All this is so important, otherwise we could sink in anxiety. I think I'll do some Easter decorations, walk in the nature - with sun & blue sky! - and read of course. Stay safe & well.

  9. Like you, Lorrie, I am finding that it is the little things that my mind dwells on. The tiny violets peeping in my garden, a balckbird's cheery song, and so much more. There seems to be more time to appreciate these things.

  10. At the moment we are blessed with wonderful weather - blue skies, sunshine, and the flowers are glorious.
    I have many concerns, but today our time will be spent in the garden - everyone, please take care.

  11. Happy photos, the lemon glaze lifts my spirits as much as the flowers do.
    Journaling about current events helps me release the tension from too much news.

  12. Hello, this is my first time commenting but I have followed your blog for a long time (years?). I so enjoy your photos of nature. These spring flowers you photographed make my heart sing! I love spring....watching all the buds turn to flowers and leaves. My favorite season. And there are always seasons. Such a strange time to be in now. I love to be connected by such wonderful blogs as yours. I live in southeast Michigan. My snowdrops are past their prime. I am starting to see the red shoots of peonies coming up. Stay well. I am an RN at a hospital and yes it is as bad as you can imagine. I believe this is for a season and pray that this virus is contained sooner than later. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and lovely photos with all of us!

  13. Those pansies certainly are cheerful!

    I have thought of just that very thing, of journaling this particular time. I've read my great aunt's journal of living through WWII, and it is fascinating. I'm thinking our grandchildren may find them interesting and hopefully encouraging. I know I draw strength from thinking about how my grandparents got through the Depression and the war. Great idea.

  14. I can relate to your little glimpses of the strangeness of these days. On the occasional runs to the post office or the grocery or the coffee shop (drive-through), the traffic is noticeably sparse and many parking lots are empty. Ron is working from home, so that is also a reminder that life is different. We are keeping up our regular routine as much as possible.

    It is so helpful to look for beauty all around us! I think it's a reminder of God's faithfulness!

    Pausing to say a prayer for you and your family . . .

  15. Your thoughts of how you are dealing with this crisis, are so comforting and encouraging, we must push forward and find the beauty of each day, thank you for sharing..

  16. Thanks for the pansies - I never got to plant mine and am really missing them this spring.
    There's a local garden center delivering free to over-70's on Tues. and Thur. so I may place an order for potting soil and plants on Thur.

    Stay safe and healthy dear Lorrie.
    Mary x

  17. It looks like you are adding beauty and tasty treats to your days. Both so important especially during these unusual times we are facing. Your spring flowers near the lemon shortbread is a beautiful breath of springtime.

  18. Lorrie - as you know, we live in the wilderness, and as retired people, already led a pretty isolated existence. But it's funny how something like this makes you want the opposite, especially when someone tells you can't have it! We have been self-isolating for a week, and I have yet to be "bored". I am grateful to have this blogging community for some "social" interaction! And now I am going to get something to eat since your delicious-looking photos have me salivating! Stay well.

  19. What a great idea to keep a journal during these unprecedented times--your grandkids' grandkids will be learning about this in school one day.

    I'm thankful that I can work from home, although the productivity isn't quite the same. But all we can do is try. After office hours, I'm usually too tired to do anything else but just crash on the couch and watch TV. Maybe I'll get more energy once things settle down...

  20. At times it seems as if nothing has changed as my people are all still working. But I haven't been out of the house for over 10 days. That's a strange thing.

    I like your idea of journaling about this time.

  21. Dear Lorrie,
    I love the idea of separate cut out vignettes. It gives those who have little confidence a place to start. And I bet that you have some fine preserves ready to serve with your fabulous looking sour dough biscuits.

  22. Your post expressed well how different life is for all of us. We just got a mandate for three more weeks of staying at home. Just grocery store and drug store. I actually am enjoying this time, but it's easy to get distracted with the news, and articles flying around that are interesting to read. I try to text a couple of friends each day to stay in touch and check on how they are doing. Thankful for technology, and the beauty to see everywhere, especially now in spring time.

  23. I always love dipping into your blog. Always a calm place with lots of beauty. Your lemon shortbread looks delicious. Enjoy nature at its best. B x

  24. Yes, it’s so important to find beauty in our homes, our yards, and our inner selves right now, Lorrie. The cards are so cute and a great idea. Your biscuits look wonderful and I can practically taste those lemon shortbread cookies. Stay safe and healthy as we navigate through this pandemic.

  25. Oh those pansies are so colourful, such a gorgeous photograph.
    I do like the Spring, although of course this year it is different!
    I have recently changed some of our ornaments and decorations around to give the house a spring feel … Easter Bunnies will be out soon :)

    Take care and stay well.

    All the best Jan


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