Monday, March 30, 2020

These Days: Celebrating in New Ways

This little tree is practicing physical distancing very well. Isn't it interesting how our terms are changing throughout the pandemic? We've switched from social to physical, and for the better, I think. We need to build and maintain social connection, but must distance physically. 

In 1967 the Beatles released "When I'm 64", a song that speaks about lovers aging together. In the late 70s when we were dating and married, Tim and I laughed about the song and sang it to each other. Well, here we are. Tim turned 64 this past weekend, and I sang the song to him, changing the words slightly - "Yes, I'll still feed you, Yes, I'll still need you, when you're 64." 

I had a Beatles party planned, but of course, that became impossible. Instead, I baked a cake, divided it into three, and we drove by the homes of our children who live locally, where they stood on the porch with signs and singing, while we kept ourselves distanced, other than handing over the cake. 

In the evening we got together with all three families, including the one on the mainland, via Zoom. It was fun to chat, and we played a little Kahoot game. Celebratory, but different than the norm. 

Serendipitously Tim had the day off, although he still had phone calls and emails he needed to handle. We managed a walk on the beach and a simple picnic in the car since it started raining. 

Striped stones in soft greys, 

and fresh green among the beach rocks - the world is still a lovely place. 

And it was so good to be out in the fresh clean air with the waves rolling and the wind blowing rain against our faces. For awhile we forgot the woes of the world and let the beauty of creation seep into our minds and hearts. 

Spring Break ended today. I didn't go to school, but was in virtual meetings all day as we navigate how to provide our students with learning opportunities. It's complicated, and we'll be figuring things out as we go along, but we'll get there. 

I've set up a little table/desk in the corner of the dining room and will be working from there. It's nice to be able to make a cup of tea whenever I want. 

So it begins. How are things in your corner? 


  1. I love seeing how creative people are with this situation. Social ties will not be undone.

  2. I think a birthday, or any special moment, is always well spent with the ones you love, and I know you are tops on Tim's list!

    Thanks for letting us see this personal time. All the best in staying safe and healthy during these hard and challenging time.

    Jane x

  3. Happy anniversary! Beautiful photos especially that little patch of greenery growing in what looks like an inhospitable place amongst the stones - some sort of metaphor for our current times perhaps?!

  4. Belated birthday greetings to Tim - I smiled at your reference to the Beatles - I do love that song.
    Good luck to you all with your virtual meetings - it is so important for your students.
    In my corner nature sustains and nourishes me in all her many forms.

  5. Happy Birthday Tim!

    You two are so young. The lovely photos are refreshing to see people outdoors.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Tim!

    That was a creative way to celebrate! We are having to have a very small wedding for our daughter and are planning a regular reception for August.

  7. Dear Lorrie,
    What I need is your ocean. Living in the middle of a desert is fine when not sequestered.
    Happy belated birthday to Tim. Your birthday delivery service must have been a lot of fun for children and adults alike.

  8. Many happy returns to your husband!
    One thinks of stones as all being alike, but your photo shows what a huge difference in colour and size there is.

  9. You have such a beautiful place to live and navigate what is going on in our world today. Happy birthday to Tim!

  10. Happy Birthday, Tim. When I turned 64--some years ago :)--I used a snippet of that song as the ring tone on my mobile. Made me laugh whenever I heard it.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday to Tim. He’s just a kid. 😏 Glad you found ways to celebrate in spite of the constraints. Clever people! I would be interested to know how you handle schooling going forward. So many places having troubles...mostly with internet. We live in the boonies over here.

  12. Happy Birthday to Tim. I am so thankful that we can still get out in nature and enjoy the beauty around us. I just found out today, that all schools in Manitoba are closed indefinitely .So I guess that means an end of bus driving for me.

  13. We sang that song to each other when we respectfully turned 64. The Beatles were huge in my junior high and high school days. Today I listened to a youtube of In My Life. So many parties are on hold or cancelled. Love the photo of the rocks...

  14. I also prefer the term physical distancing.

    Gotta love Zoom. I heard some terrible stories about Zoombombings (some people have wayyyy too much time on their hands!) so as a precaution, I've password-protected my Zoom meetings.

    Love the teacup shot! Sipping tea in pretty china is definitely one of the perks of working from home!

  15. Being an educator is never easy, but these are really challenging times to be away from students and still trying to meet their learning needs. - Margy

  16. Lorrie - yes, it's good for our brains to have to get creative. Our daughter and her boyfriend are in a pretty small apartment, but they have a small yard. I suggested they collect some beer cans and do some bowling. Or find some tennis rackets/badminton rackets and play that. Belated happy birthday to your hubby, and good luck with the school challenges!

  17. Belated birthday wishes Tim. Unusual times indeed and technology keeping us all together who would have guessed. Taje care and stay safe.

  18. What a beautiful way you handled it, Lorrie! And I love your photos, which spoke to me of the importance of appreciating the little things now more than ever. All my teacher friends are facing unique challenges now, and I know you are up to the task!

  19. Happy birthday to your guy! Loved your story about the song. Yes, we are all learning new ways of doing things these days. In our house, we began using the term physical distancing about a week after the "social distancing" began here (16 days ago). As believers, the last thing we want to do is socially disengage. Hence, it is physical distancing, not social. Your photos, as always, are beautiful. Glad to read that your job will be able to continue. Things are in such a state of flux that you never know from one day to the next what will change. Our college student kiddos are back in our home now and doing classes online. We are even doing church online. Hubby (pastor) is figuring it out as we go. We are trusting the Lord to lead one day at a time.


  20. Happy birthday wishes to Tim. A lovely way to celebrate in spite of the new rules.

    Your posts are always so soothing and beautiful. Filled with stunning photos and thoughtful text, you're one of my favourite places to visit.

    I'm glad you are keeping well. I hope the path gets smoother as you and your colleagues find a way to make it work online for your students.

    Happy day...
    Brenda xox

  21. Our teachers here are wildly busy as they figure things out, but I think it is getting easier for them as things settle more into a routine. Hope it goes well for you. We are created in our God's image including His creative nature and it is so sweet to see the creativity people show as they figure out ways to be together while social distancing, and celebrate birthdays, etc. I know one young mom who asked some friends to leave a small something on their front porch for her daughter turning 5--a care, a sign, a little gift--and they had fun driving around to each house and picking up the gifts. Stay safe!

  22. Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby! It's changed so many things we thought we could plan on. We are fine here so far. I mentioned you on my blog today! Sweet hugs, Diane

  23. Oh how sad to have to leave those Birthday plans! Your ability to do what you still can do is encouraging, telling us no one is alone in this! I wish you all the best with the changes to be made for teachers. This is a whole new learning curve for all involved.


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