Friday, April 24, 2020

Five on Friday

It's my dad's 86th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Dad! Here he is with my mom enjoying Christmas dinner at our place - is it only 4 months ago? How the world has changed since then. 

My parents are now staying at home, although they sneak out once in awhile against our advice. My father hates having nothing to do. He is always fixing or puttering in the garden. His volunteer workplace has closed, so he walks, reads, cooks with my mom, and plays games on his phone. The community where they live had a social distancing get together where everyone sat in their driveways and visited. 

You can't see much of my dad in this photo, but it typifies who he is - a loving father and grandfather, now great-grandfather - always ready to play with children. That's me in the red pants. He has a great laugh and sees humour in many situations. He has a strong faith that has carried him through difficult and joyful times. He's the best father a girl could want, and I'm so happy to call him Dad. 

After I finish my "teaching" for the day, I'm planning to sit down with this magazine. That bouquet of flowers looks so lush. 

A corner of my kitchen where I'm spending a lot of time lately. This week I made a sausage and kale soup that was very good. I'll have the last of it for my lunch today. When I was growing up my mom made cabbage borscht (no beets) often on Saturday. We often added a little evaporated milk to the soup at the table. Now I add a bit of cream - it rounds out the flavours well, I think. 

And in my garden a single anemone flower. I moved the corms and I hope they do better next year. Such pretty flowers. This morning I looked out to see a bunny up on its hind legs nibbling low branches of the blueberry bushes. Run away, bunny! Don't eat my blueberries! 

I went out and sprinkled some bone meal around as they don't like the scent. The difficulty with that is that it must be done every week or so to maintain the defense. 

Plans for the weekend? Haha, that's a bit of a joke, isn't it? Garden work, a bit of house tidying, and baking, and that's it for me. How about you? Are you doing anything that differentiates the weekend from weekdays?


  1. Haha ... differentiating a week day from a weekend, now there's the thing. Soon we'll be able to say with Lady Violet 'what's a weekend?'

    Very much enjoyed your Five on Friday as usual ... your sausage and kale sounds yummy. Rick makes a wonderful kale coleslaw that I just love. It comes from the Yum and Yummier recipe book.

    Lovely tribute to your dad -- I hope he has a very happy birthday.

    Such a pretty colour of your single anemone. I hope the move helps.

    We had our rabbit in the backyard this early morning. He had his summer brown coat on. He chews on our small evergreen trees -- they look a little worse for wear now that all the snow is gone.

    Wishing you a pleasant day...
    Brenda xox

  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad! I have to remember to sprinkle that around my plants!

  3. Happy Birthday to your dear Dad. I see a resemblance between you and your Mom. Love that picture of you kids on Dad's back.
    I hope you are successful at chasing away the bunny.
    On my to do list for the weekend is cleaning the patio furniture including putting the cushion covers through the wash. It seems like I have good intentions every year. Now I have no excuses.

  4. Happy Birthday to your dad. It is hard to be apart on special days. My anemones did not thrive this year but I have one purple too. I'm cooking turkey cutlets, Brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and dressing tonight. I spend a lot of time planning meals. A bit of garden and a bit of tidy up. The days pass. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. It’s a struggle to know what day of the week it is at the moment. Weather here has been glorious so we’ve spent nearly every hour in the garden. It’s never been so well tended. Happy birthday to your dad. What a lovely photo of you all. Happy memories. B x

  6. Your dad has a strong back! Such a cute picture and, goodness, I thought it was a picture or your little girl. One of them looks very much like you, perhaps both, and then you look very much like your mom and the beat goes on. Zero plans for the weekend. Still how quickly the weeks go by even when doing zip.

  7. You really do have to think about what day it is. All the days are very much the same here, even weekends. No visits from family. But one day it will all be different.
    What a pretty anemone. They do decide where they want to grow, never mind where you put them!

  8. I was just thinking of weekends that have turned into weekdays or maybe our weekdays have turned into weekends? :) A very happy birthday to your dad! What a blessing to have an encouraging father. That soup sounds real good.

  9. No plans just puttering. If we were not locked down, my daughter would be married tomorrow. I’m thinking we’re going to try to distract ourselves and not give it too much attention.

  10. Happy Birthday to your dad. I had a wonderful dad, too, but lost him when I was 21...think about him all the time.
    This has been a crazy time for all of us...and will be glad when we can go back to a new normal. xo Diana

  11. The only difference about the weekend is that I watch some church services on Sunday. The days all seem to be much the same.

  12. Happy Birthday to your Dad! He and your Mom both look so great! And it's fun to remember those childhood times. Take care this weekend and stay safe! Sweet hugs, Diane

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  14. Dear Lorrie, I enjoy being part of your every day comings and goings. I also like to add fresh cream to my soups to "round out the flavors".

  15. A little belated, but . . . Happiest of birthdays to your dad.

    This: "My parents are now staying at home, although they sneak out once in awhile against our advice." Same here. What's a daughter to do?

    Weekends are a respite here. Since Ron has been working from home, I feel as if I have been plopped into the middle of the business world. Constant phone ringing . . . business conversations . . . stress. I long for my quiet, peaceful house. So I welcome the weekends, even in quarantine!

  16. Good morning! We have a little schedule we try and follow but I still find we keep asking each other what day it Lots of garden clean up and home chores. I'm loving these quiet days. Take care. Kit

  17. I am trying to emphasize Saturdays so it Feels different. SO I said we'd have some pre dinner time on the porch .
    Well, that is not going to happen . Its 40 degrees F and drizzling.
    Soon we will break into sunshine.

    Your love for you father shines through in this post!

  18. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Dad. I am sorry you can't be with him but I am sure he feels your love. I have been thinking of you teaching during these difficult times. Stay well.

  19. What a wonderful tribute to your dad - and how lucky you are to have had such a fine man as your father. Your flower is so pretty - hope more follow. As for weekends - we do have a bit of a difference from weekdays - Don works from home for 10 hours a week - everyone in the company is on furlough but they need the hours worked to save the company from going completely under - so he does his part for a total of 10 hours on week days and then we just putter around on the weekend - preparing for more puttering around and 10 hours of work the next week. I'm crocheting hats for the homeless - over 100 this year so far - and that goes on every day. Stay safe my dear.

  20. I'm cooking a lot more these days. Last week I made cheese enchiladas since we can't go out to our favourite authentic Mexican food restaurant just two blocks away. This week I got a roast to share with our good friend who lives across the hall and takes care of our mail and condo when we are away (which we haven't been since the end of February). My next cooking plan is to make lasagna with enough sauce to freeze to make easy spaghetti dinners later. I'm becoming my mother, cooking once and freezing for future meals. Both my parents were educators so weekends were cooking and freezing days for easy weeknight meals. I sure miss them now. I'm so glad you have a great dad and can look forward to getting back together with your folks when this is all over. - Margy

  21. I enjoyed your post, Lorrie. For myself, I'm finally settling into the new routine, getting more done, spending less time on corona news and more on spring cleaning and cooking and little projects that I've been putting off. I'm lucky to still be working full time, I'm happy about that. Your parents look like a beautiful couple.

  22. Happy Belated to your Dad!

    During the week, I like to be dressed and at my "work station" by 9 am. On weekends, I sleep in and putter around in my pajamas all morning.

  23. Other than church on zoom on Sundays one day flows into the other. I missed a class I signed up for last week because I forgot what day it was. Oh my, you do look like your mother. How fortunate you are to have such a sweet dad. We have a bunny that has been visiting lately to eat the lower leaves on some of the roses. We love having the bunny, but not sure why he won't eat the carrot we leave for him instead. Ha!

  24. Happy birthday to your father! I listen to audiobooks & watch movies - that’s it :) Wishing you a fine new week.

  25. Love that photo of you all with your dear Dad!
    Belated happy birthday to him - such a lovely couple, and yes, you really do look like your mom Lorrie!
    I pray they stay well - social distancing is hard at times but I think it's necessary, especially for we older people, and it works hopefully!

  26. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to your dad, Lorrie. He sounds like a wonderful father and grandfather. I can't blame your parents for sneaking out!

  27. Many Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to your Dad.

    All the best Jan


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