Thursday, April 02, 2020

In the Background

Yesterday afternoon I walked under a row of cherry trees in full bloom. How beautiful they are, ruffled and pink, floating against the sky, and oh, so fragrant. I stood there for quite awhile, looking up into the blue, thanking God for such a wonder. 

The news of the day is dominated by the virus sweeping across the globe, but in the background, life and death continue as before. Babies are born, children celebrate birthdays, and people die. The rhythms of normal everyday life. 

This week my eldest daughter's mother-in-law passed away after a 6 week bout of cancer. The world's current situation has had a dramatic effect. 

It meant beloved family members could not travel to say goodbye.
It meant that the burden of care fell on her two sons and their families.
It means no hugs were given for consolation and comfort after she passed.
It means food was prepared and dropped off on the porch.
It means only 11 people at the burial, and hopefully a larger get together who knows when.

The reality of all this hit home to me on Monday night when my daughter phoned to ask a favour. She and her husband needed to speak with care workers and help with Jannie, but had no where to leave their 7 year-old daughter. Cristal set Sadie up in a room apart, logged onto Skype, and Sadie and I entertained each other while Jannie was attended to. 

That broke my heart. There were tears after I hung up with Sadie. Yet, I'm grateful for technology and the ability to connect in this way. 

In my garden the grape hyacinths stretch up to the sky. The daffodils are almost finished and the tulips just beginning. A pot of primroses sits on the porch. I am thankful. 

It's been cold here and the radish, carrot, and pea seeds I planted in the garden are slow to appear, but there, in the brown dirt, rows of tiny green radish leaves are visible from my kitchen window. A sign of hope.

I'll leave you with more of those gorgeous frilly cherry blossoms. They really are sensational. 

Tell me, how are you coping with the impact of this virus on everyday life? I'm so grateful for each one who reads my words and leaves a comment. Thank you, thank you. 


  1. Im so so sorry for their loss. My good and dear friends dad died on Tuesday. Same situation . NO real traditions can be followed. It is just so abrupt for them. Your tears were cathartic I hope.

  2. Wonderful flowers, Lorrie! Here it's snowing in these days. :)
    I'm sorry to hear about the passing of a family member of yours.
    What you wrote brought in my mind the heart-breaking interview of an Italian priest who was telling how many people in Italy have died alone, without anyone comforting them.
    We continue our quiet life in the countryside... hoping the world will soon overcome this crisis.
    Blessings and hugs!

  3. The fact that we can’t get close to family is the very hardest part of all this situation. The thing that makes us whole. So thinking of you and empathising at this time. Good that you have so much beauty around you to take consolation in. Beautiful cherry blossom trees. B x

  4. These pink cherries are so beautiful, they give us hope. My consolation for your loss of a family member.

    Me and my family are well, but yet this isolation feels odd and sometimes anxiety takes over. I try to walk outside every day, it helps a bit. Last night we got new snow, so nothing much to do or enjoy in the garden. But the spring will come this year too. Take care Lorrie.

  5. I feel that we need to seize on the tiny positive moments to get through. Your new shoots, the wonders of technology, the beauty of the cherry blossom. Just little things in the course of a day, so much to be thankful for.

  6. Thank you for your photos. Peaceful photos in an not-so-peaceful time of worry and loss. So good that technology allowed you to spend time with your granddaughter while her parents were needed in a time of sorrow. I hope the family feel surrounded by much love even though it must be from afar.

  7. Dear Lorrie,
    I love coming to your blog. I am so glad that I found you. I look forward to every one of your blog posts. Your messages are always uplifting and I love your beautiful photos.
    Take care of yourselves. The love of Family is all that matters.

  8. I am sorry for your daughter's loss. We are trying to live life as normal as possible. We were never ones to go out a lot, so it is not too hard for us. My husband has worked from home for years and still does. Your pictures are beautiful!

  9. I have tears in my eyes in reading of your daughter's mother-in-law. What a sad time for the family in these difficult days. Thank goodness that you were able to spend time with your granddaughter through technology, but still so sad. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
    Thank you for the beauty that you share with your lovely and uplifting photos, Lorrie. Stay well...both you and your hubby.

  10. Prayers and sympathy for the loss of a love one

    Your beautiful photos make the stay home days feel less sad.

  11. I'm so sorry for their loss. So many areas this isolating is affecting. I'm praying that it goes away quickly. We need a miracle for that but God is in the business of miracles!

    The cherry trees are stunning!

  12. It is good to shed some tears. It is along with praying, just admitting weakness and need.
    I am so sorry to hear your daughters hubbys momma died. So so sad. I know she is safe now. That is the only consolation.
    We are also experiencing stress, sadness and among it all, also beauty of Spring.
    Your photos are exquisite

  13. Thank you for sharing the photos that bring us moments of hope in a time of so much sadness. So very sorry for your family's loss and even sorrier that they cannot even grieve in the normal way.

    That, I admit, is what troubles me most about this entire situation. It is somehow dehumanizing, and that is so troubling to me. I wish I could put my feelings into words, but I really can't. Just so thankful that God is in control and that we can know He has a good purpose for this and has the power to end it. As Deanna said above, He is in the business of miracles and we surely need one.

  14. Oh, bless you. This is so hard on grandparents in particular, especially those used to having their grands around a lot. And so sorry to hear of your daughter and her hubby's family having to go through this without being able to love on one another. So very difficult. Your photos are a blessing to me... one of my favorite things this time of year is seeing the posts and photos of cherry blossoms. Since I am so far south, we don't see that many in the landscape where we are. So, I dearly love seeing your beautiful photos here. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, the scriptures are the solid ground we can stand on when all around us seems to be crumbling.

  15. My love and prayers...what a heartbreak. The Lord is very near and He comforts in many ways. You are such a blessing to your family and to your little granddaughter. Your love and support will be treasured.

  16. fist of all, thank you for sharing these gorgeous flowers. They have a way of brightening my day. My heart goes out to those who are facing the loss of loved ones and have to do so without the close support of so many. I am so far doing ok, but there are some days, where I feel overwhelmed and need to shed a few tears.But one thing is certain, we will get through this.

  17. Such hard things in the midst of this virus especially for funerals or surgeries or hospital stays. All where family can not be there to encourage and support in person. So sad and tears come. The beautiful Spring blossoms give us hope that we will be able to make it through.

  18. My heart goes out to all of you. How very sad to not be able to be together at this time. I can easily see why the tears would come after your Skype visit with Sadie. That would be so hard.

  19. RThank you Lorrie for the beautiful photos of the cherry blossom, how we need beauty in our lives. There are many, very sad moments, my Son-I-L lost his brother to cancer a week ago. Due to restrictions of visitors, none of his siblings,could be at the hospital with him.
    I am thankful for family, and friends checking in by telephone, texts and Zoom. I am on my own, so appreciate being connected this way.
    Today, I had a lovely visit with my youngest grandchildren via Skype. The are 3 & 18 months. We spent some of the time putting funny hats on our heads and giggled away. Just being silly and spending time together brought such joy to us all.

  20. Thank you for sharing the very real stories of your own family's dealing with this particular trial. We can only do our best, with love, as always. God bless you all!

    And thank you for the cherry blossoms!

  21. The blossom spreading out beneath the sky of blue soothes the spirit.
    I am content to be at home with my husband, and delight in the garden.
    I am seriously considering not watching the news - day by day everything is becoming more and more distressing.
    If only I could stay here in my little cocoon until this wretched virus is defeated.

  22. I’ve been thankful for signs of spring especially in the midst of this pandemic. How sad for those who burry loved ones pretty much alone these days. And I can understand the bitter sweet of that visit with your granddaughter on Skype. Sending a safe hug.

  23. So sorry for the loss of a family member. Hard at this time. I am so grateful for the internet. My kids and I played a game on the computer yesterday. Nice to see their faces. We have gotten into a routine and we keep away from the news. Staying home is what we do. But I love my home so I do not mind. You take care. 😊 Kit

  24. Lovely photos in such sad and frightening times, the blossom is simply beautiful.
    The absence of the ritual and comfort of leave-taking for a loved one must be very hard to bear and I send my sympathy for the loss.
    I am so thankful for FaceTime and zoom as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, we would be lonely indeed without these connections.


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