Friday, November 20, 2020

A Friday Five: Day by Day


1. When there is a sunny break on the weekend, we like to go for a walk. One recent stroll took us to Sidney-by-the-Sea where beautiful Mount Baker (in Washington State) dominates the view on a clear day. I waited to take the shot until the container ship crossed into the photo. Those things are massive!

2. Another day we walked around the Bog for different views. It's an ever-changing mix of water, foliage, and birds. 

Our Island has been mostly protected from the pandemic with very few cases, until this week. Numbers are still low, relatively speaking, but two long-term care homes have cases, which means my husband, who works in administration, is working long, long hours. In addition, our Provincial Health Officer mandated new restrictions and we are not to gather, indoors or out, with anyone other than our household, until December 7. Schools are still in session, with continued strict protocols that seem to be working. I enjoy visiting with my children via Skype or phone. Little Iris, 17 months old, walks over to the computer at her house and says, "Nana, Nana" when she wants to talk to me. In other week she will have a sibling and we are all looking forward to that. 

3. I am so very glad that we can go outside and walk and enjoy the beautiful world we live in. What does that tree above care about the pandemic? Not a whit. As social anxiety rises, I pray for calmness. Here are some other things I'm doing to maintain my health, mentally and physically.

     * I limit my exposure to the news. Once a day is just fine. 
     * Creativity - I read recently, just a snippet, that handwork like knitting or embroidery calms the mind and body. I've got sewing projects on the go and love to sit down with hand-sewing. I finished one pair of grandchild Christmas pajamas this week.
     * Reading - I'm still finding that I enjoy simple stories with happy endings, and nothing too challenging. I'm looking forward to beginning my Christmas reading soon.
     * Exercise and eating well. Last night, it was 8:30 before Tim finished going through his work e-mail. We bundled up and went out into the crisp night air. Clouds reflected light from the city, but in the patches of clear dark sky stars shone as they have done for millennia. As we walked along quiet streets and through the woods, we breathed in lovely fresh air. Walking helps me sleep better, too. 
     * Prayer. Knowing that God loves me helps me keep a good perspective on life. 

4. A nuthatch at the feeder. They are so agile, and seem to prefer feeding upsidedown. Such pretty birds with mostly soft colouring, and then the contrast of black and white, like a standout accent piece on a woman's outfit. 

5. I am thoroughly enjoying my mornings at home. I baked gingersnaps this week - deliciously crisp and spicy. One of my favourite cookies. 

Outside my window a bit of rain is falling. I see a few stalwart roses and feverfew flowers blooming, but most of the garden is fading and looking scraggly. I do most of the clean up in the spring, leaving stalks and foliage over the winter as homes for beneficial insects. 

How is your weekend shaping up? I'm looking forward to doing a variety of things around the house - regular household chores, sewing, soup-making, and perhaps a little bit of pre-Christmas faffing. Wishing you the joy of gentle pursuits today. 


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I watched a lot of TV news in September and October and then realized between Covid & the election, it was contributing to my lethargy. And like you, I stopped and started watching lighter fare and increased my reading. My mood has improved markedly.

    With the US Thanksgiving next week, I'm starting a big clean as opposed to my daily tasks. This weekend I'll add prep cooking even though it's simply for our kids who live alone & work from home and are allowed to visit under our state guidelines.

    I've been happily walking daily in the woods by our house, in spite of some brutal winds. That has lifted my mood as well as science has proven. Three of our local schools (one of which I was a staff member) have just moved to remote learning this week due to an increase in student or staff positive test results. I'm glad your teaching load has decreased.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for giving me ideas to ponder and respond to. Carol in VT

  2. Your ginger snaps look so delicious!
    I find that the news is watchable in small bits. It is so much the same every day. They say that our lockdown is improving things but it's very slight yet.
    A walk in the twilight sounds perfect!

  3. Ginger snaps! A holiday isn't a holiday without them.
    The walks sound wonderful. The mountain photo is a wow.
    Stay safe and well!

  4. News here is something that I also limit myself to, just once a day.
    Is Mount Baker covered in freshly fallen snow?
    Thank goodness for the computer - well! sometimes, being able to chat with family members is certainly a bonus.

  5. Oh my! That Mount Hood pictures is just amazing. Life is good, even when it is very different than usual. We are now limited to those living in the same household. No other socializing . Stores can only sell essentials. At times, I will admit i am feeling a little down, but then I remember that God has not changed yet and he won’t .

  6. SOrry, that was Mount Baker. till just as beautiful .

  7. It's always fun to see a snow capped mountain in the distance. Lots of great memories of seeing Mt. Baker sticking out in all its glory. We're so hopeful that we will see better days ahead with COVID behind us. Those cookies look yummiliscious!

  8. I like your description of the nuthatch. Chickadees are so busy at the feeder that I almost miss the nuthatch when it zips in to take a sunflower seed and ever so swiftly flies off.
    The Bog ( second picture) looks exactly like a place where I'd enjoy walking.

  9. OH Gingersnaps !Yum.
    we have red breasted and white breasted nuthatches here and I love them

    Possibly working on my shawl pin skills.

  10. Dear Lorrie,
    All great ideas. I love reading by the fireplace and knitting with not too small needles and with soft and luxurious yarns. So soothing and so different from my usual ceramic painting.

  11. We have been under pretty strict and limited living since March here in NY and it's been no fun. I agree, those walks are so important. Luckily we live by the water, so that gives you a feeling of space, but your views are incredible. I miss socializing, but as a homebody, I've been spending time crafting and decorating. Not so bad...

  12. Dear Lorrie, you are so fortunate to live where you do. Not only is it beautiful, but it is wonderful that you are somewhat protected. I know you are anxious for the arrival of the new 'little one.' What a beautiful gift in the middle of these troubled times.

    We will be celebrating Thanksgiving this coming Thursday. It will be just the two of us, but I am trying to make our table extra special to celebrate that we both have remained well. Although, our numbers are rapidly on the rise.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, and I can just tase those cookies. They are one of my favorites too.

  13. What a stunning view of the mountain! I too, try to limit myself to news. I am enjoying the sunshine here in Florida this weekend.

  14. Mt. Baker looks like a post card of an imagined place. I miss mountains! Our highest elevations on PEI are shameful excuses for hills.

  15. The views on your walks is always so beautiful. It sounds like you have a good plan in place for keeping busy and content. Limiting the news and lots of reading are high on my list too.
    Your ginger snaps look delicious. I can imagine how wonderful they smell.

  16. Glad you and your family are well. We just had a statewide mandate for masks and no gathering. But of course a lot of people are not listening. I just stay home. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. Kit

  17. Oops! I just realized you've already had your Thanksgiving. Have a lovely week! Kit

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  19. Your approach to calmness during the pandemic sounds so reasonable and helpful. There are things on your list that I could add to mine . . .

    So exciting to be welcoming a new grandbaby this week! Praying that all goes well for mother and baby!

  20. You are wise in how you are handling all the stresses that have accompanied this year! A new grandbaby soon! Praying for a safe delivery.

    Your photos are always beautiful - a feast for the eyes, Lorrie. Thank you.

  21. It is so lovely in these times of Covid to be able to see our loved ones via the internet.
    Exciting times for you (and the family) as you will soon be welcoming another grandchild :)

    All the best Jan


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