Tuesday, February 14, 2023

14 Lovely and Loving Moments


In the firm belief that love should be celebrated every day, I'm posting 14 loving moments from my year. This is by no means exhaustive.

Bop, aka Grandpa pondering over plans for woodworking projects with two grands. 

My Valentine and I kayaking last summer. 

Evening light beside a peaceful lake. 

Sweet peas and peaches on the kitchen windowsill.

Baking with two little loves.

All the grands lying on the floor with their new pillows at Christmas.

Silly fun with my Valentine. On our anniversary while traveling up north last summer - we found two brand new party hats on a bench at a park and put them on for a selfie! 

A pink rose in the garden we visited on our wedding day, and again this summer after 45 years.

Adventuring together. He's the best!

Roses from the garden.

Two grands celebrating close-together birthdays.

Bright hope of spring.

This past week we celebrated our grandson's birthday - those tacos took the place of cake - waffle bases, crumbled brownies (meat), coloured coconut (lettuce), maraschino cherries (tomatoes), orange Twizzlers (cheese). Delicious, but disconcerting to eat.

The three older grands at the table with the birthday boy in the center. 

As Anne of Green Gables once said, "Dear old world, you are very lovely and I am glad to be alive in you."

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day. Treat yourself with love, treat others with love, treat God's world with love. 


  1. À beautiful post and Happy Valentine to both of you!
    Love your family pictures.

  2. What lovely moments, to be treasured.

  3. Ahhh...happy times! Those tacos look fabulous.

  4. Awww such beautiful loving moments, Lorrie! The birthday boy with his “tacos” and between the girls, is so cute! Enjoy your sweet hubby every day!
    Also, I smiled at Iris’s comment on the “amazing smell”, from your previous post! Isn’t she so sweet??!

  5. Great loving moments, indeed! I love the picture with the two adorable girls helping with the baking.

  6. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Splendid idea to post 14 lovely moments. Each one is a gem. I hope your day was a wonderful one. Granny M

  7. Beautiful, Lorrie, and I wholeheartedly agree. Does anyone even truly know the history behind Valentine's Day? We just go along with so much because that's just the way it's been and most holidays these days are filled with single-use disposable disasters when there's already so much waste. Daily simple moments and expressions of love are all we really need. Take care.

  8. Your photo selections make me feel the love! Great choices!

  9. Hi Lorrie, what a wonderful idea for a post! And what a beautiful family and smiles. You can tell why these were special moments -- and I loved every image.

    Between company last week, prepping for a Cork Poppers do, an ear and/or sinus infection, and then this week's mass shooting in our town, I'm so behind blog reading, I'll never catch up! I'll try to take a look at all but not comment and hopefully be back on schedule this week!

  10. Happy Valentine's Day!
    The party hats are just happiness in a photo.

  11. What a lovely idea for a post! Happy times!

  12. Such a great Valentines Day post! The simple, the special, the everyday and lovely moments of life.

  13. Wonderful Valentine day post. Yes, love is for everyday!

  14. What a lovely post, you are blessed with a beautiful family.

  15. Ah, I just love this post!

  16. All these beautiful moments you shared are so precious! God's gifts are so wonderful! I love how you and your husband adventure together - my husband and I treasure those times together too!

  17. Loving moments for sure!! 🤍

  18. Wonderful way to celebrate the real meaning of Love!

  19. Marilyn Miller3:09 PM

    What wonderful memories of the past year. Love the taco cake idea.

  20. You are lucky to have your grandchildren close by. Mine are in Ottawa, a six-hour drive away - and that's six hours without delays - and one of them is talking of moving to the East Coast.


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