Friday, February 10, 2023

Five Thoughts on Friday


Hooray for the first crocus bloom! Such a tiny thing to bring joy. Pansies, too, but they bloom most of the year, especially in a pot on the porch. Outside my window this February morning the sun has just been blotted out by a cloud travelling by. How much greyer everything looks, but since the clouds are travelling fast, perhaps the sun will peek out again soon. 

And snowdrops! More to delight. The way their petals lift to open reminds me of nun's wimples or old-fashioned nurse headdresses with white wings flying. From my spot here in the house, the nodding snowdrops are white spots of brightness in my mostly brown garden. 

Inside, the cactus is blooming. I can't call it a Christmas cactus although I thought that's what it was, for it blooms a little in November, and again in February. 

These days I've been going through closets and cupboards, cleaning out things I don't need anymore. Binders and files full of teaching materials - gone - and I feel lighter for it. Cracked dishes - binned. A stack of books to take to the thrift shop is growing. Ceiling fans dusted. (I couldn't believe the amount of dust on the blades.) Linens re-folded and neatly stacked. Cupboards emptied and wiped out. As Marie Kondo says, "The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment." 

The other day I was cooking Chicken Florentine and the kitchen was redolent with garlic. Iris walked in with her mother and sister, and Iris' first words were "What is that amazing smell?" At 3 1/2 she loves to cook and isn't afraid to try new foods.

My daughters and I watched the most recent Downton Abbey movie last weekend. (We would have included daughter-in-law, but she was out of town and has seen it.) We all agreed that spending some time in warm sunny Provence while wearing beautiful clothing sounded most attractive. 
I did an old-fashioned thing and actually purchased a DVD. I've been collecting a few favourites from the thrift store, too. I don't like all this digital stuff - movies disappear from streaming services and are difficult to find sometimes. My family calls me old-fashioned. Do you still watch DVDs or do you stream everything?

"Give yourself a gift: the present moment." Marcus Aurelius

There has been some sunshine lately and I caught it illuminating the fireplace mantel, so I stood and watched for a moment before picking up the camera. The days brighten a little more each day and I can feel my energy levels rising, too. 

Two little girls are coming to stay for two nights and days this weekend while their parents are busy. I made some tiny blueberry muffins, lots of fruit, and a wedge of Brie cheese for Iris (she's quite an adventurous eater), and have games and crafts organized to keep everyone busy. There won't be time for anything but child care, I'm thinking. At least until the evening when I can collapse and do nothing.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    How lovely that you have Crocus and Snowdrops blooming. You're a week or more ahead of us although Snowdrops don't do well for me. Must be the wrong type of soil. My Christmas Cactus is also blooming although it has far less blooms that it had in November.
    Enjoy your weekend with those sweet little girls! Granny Marigold

  2. Iris's comment cracked me up. How grownup she is and how well she knows her way to her grandmother's heart.

    I finally figured out why we seldom see Snowdrops here. They'd be totally lost in our white landscape. Totally.

    Happy weekend...

  3. So lovely to see those first Spring flowers. I discovered two purple crocus flowering today. My snowdrops are increasing daily and I nearly have tiny Iris blooming. So cheering.

  4. The snowdrops are so pretty. I don't think we have them here. I haven't seen any flowers crop up, but perhaps now that the snow is melted we will soon.

  5. My plans are not as lovely as yours. Enjoy those special sweeties!

  6. Sounds wonderful, Lorrie! Funny you should mention Marie Kondo. I just heard that she has recanted, so to speak. I think she said she's "kind of given up" on the constant tidying, but I'm sure she's still quite tidy!

  7. I am afraid that I am one of those 'streamers'. I got rid of my cable, joined a couple streaming sites. Turned off my tv and sit in my favorite recliner watching whatever I want, whenever I want on my large Kindle.I like it up closer and I can hear it better, too, than from across the room from a tv. Right now I am watching 'Kids Baking Championship'. I don't know how I ever got so dumb. hehe.

  8. Over the last ten years I have bought quite a few DVD's, because most of what I want to see is not available to stream. But currently I can't figure out how to use my TV-DVD player to do anything, and my computer doesn't have a DVD player -- grrr! -- so I only watch if something is on YouTube etc. When my son visits this spring I'll have him see about the hangup with the TV, but I don't really miss it because I've never been one to watch movies alone.

  9. Lorrie - we are weeks away from any brave flowers poking their heads above the soil! My heart is happy to see yours. The mention of Iris and Brie reminded me of one of my great-nieces, who loved Gouda from an early age! I love Downton Abbey, and it was a delight to see the costume designer go to work in another climate. Our weekend plans? We work on the mountain tomorrow (we also worked today), and then Sunday I will "collapse" and enjoy the Super Bowl!

  10. i am doing the same as you do clean, paint, donate things I don’t need anymore. I must have a look for snowdrops in our field behind the house. Today I must go shopping and get some more paint brushes two doors of the kitchen cabinets are done inside and out. Tomorrow we will take the dog for a walk and start cleaning the garden. I love Mari√© Kondo i have read her books
    And always feel better when everything is clean and in order. I still have some dvd!

  11. I’m reading this delightful post as I start my Saturday morning, a rather grey day too. The thought of your two granddaughters staying for the weekend sounds lovely and I’m mightily impressed with your sorting and cleaning. It does feel good when you have those day. Love the description of your snowdrops like nuns wimples: so true. This weekend a spot of cooking with the family all coming for Sunday lunch. Have a good weekend. B x

  12. We watch our old DVDs and right now we are watching Larkrise to Candleford....a favorite series! Cleaning out really does give you a sense of accomplishment!

  13. Its been a real delight to read your blog, and you've spurred me on to carry on clearing out my stuff. I started and was getting on really well, but this last week I've had cold or could have been covid and so no clearing out. But I shall start again. Its at the stage where it looks worse than when I started! I shall come back and read more.

  14. Your flowers and food all look lovely.
    We still watch DVDS from time to time.

    Enjoy time with your two granddaughters.

    All the best Jan

  15. Love that 3-1/2 year olds olfactory and the fact she knew something good was cooking. Yes, I do have a few shelves of DVD's and am happy that I bought series when they were available at good prices. I'm so old fashioned, I still buy music CD's! Have a great week ahead.

  16. It's so delightful to see these beautiful flowers that don't grow in my tropical corner of the world.
    We have quite a collection of DVDs but our player died a long time ago!

    Hugs and blessings, Lorrie.

  17. Your weekend must have been fun.
    The crocuses and snowdrops in your photos look lovely. For some reasons the violets are even lovelier for me, perhaps because they bloom for a long time and don't mind the mild frosts.
    Downton Abbey in Southern France does sound enticing! I prefer to have some forever favourites on DVD and we have a large collection of them (but we also watch Netflix, Eurosport and such). For example, I don't know if one could find "Yes Minister" on streaming services.
    Have a happy week ahead!

  18. Good for you for purging the items that you don't need or don't bring you joy anymore!

    I'm also old-fashioned about owning dvds that are faves and will be watched over and over again! Ditto for books.

  19. Marilyn M.7:14 PM

    Our DVD player no longer works; so I only stream now. February is a time for looking for springtime and I think I found a touch of it here. Our crocus are just beginning to bloom and soon there will be daffodils. Inside there is one hyacinths and the orchids all have buds.

  20. I hope you had a memorable weekend with your girls. I can imagine how much fun they had! As to DVDs, I'm still hanging on to my favorites. I recently started watching Downton Abbey (I have the all of the seasons on DVD) with my granddaughter who was home from Indonesia, and she is continuing to watch with her mom there now. Started something ... and it makes me happy.


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