Thursday, June 08, 2023

Basking in June


When company comes from landlocked Alberta, we enjoy taking our guests to walk on the beach. The evening air is soft and still. Long clouds streak across the sky. Seals surface and sink, cormorants dry their wings on driftwood or rocks, and the sound of songbirds putting themselves to sleep drifts in from the vegetation alongside the sand. 

I love the twisted sculptures of driftwood lying on the beach, and I shiver at the thought of the power of the waves that tossed them there. 

We are enjoying such beautiful, sun-filled days. I'm trying to walk to school several days each week and it's simply delightful. I get to see what's blooming in the neighbourhood gardens, now awash with colour. 

Strawberries fresh from the garden are such tasty morsels, soft and sweet and juicy. I've frozen some and we're enjoying them sliced with yogurt or ice cream. 

The sun and warmth are so very lovely, but the dark side of the pleasure is revealed by all the forest fires currently burning in Canada. How dreadful that acres and acres (or hectares and hectares) of beautiful forest are being destroyed by fire. And how dreadful for those living with the drifting smoke in the air. I saw photos yesterday of New York City covered in smoke from the fires in Quebec. 
Here on Vancouver Island one fire burns out of control. We've not seen the smoke from it yet. 
And I think of the flooding and further devastation in Ukraine and my heart aches for the Ukrainian people at the mercy of a despot.
There is little I can do besides pray and give funds. I was in the passport office a month or two ago and noticed two young boys with little English filling out papers. They carried Ukrainian passports. I smiled at them and was glad to see that everyone behind a desk was very kind to them, and welcomed them to Canada. 

I like having things prepared ahead when we have guests. So before Tim's brother and his wife arrived last weekend, I made a Frozen Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake and tucked it away. Easy and delicious!

It was June, and the world smelled of roses.

The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.

Maud Hart Lovelace

The roses are glorious just now. I wish you all could see them. Falstaff is the dark red, Lichfield Angel is the creamy rose, and the pinks are Gertrude Jekyll and Boscobel. Regrettably, my nose has not recovered from Covid and my sense of smell is greatly diminished. I mourn not being able to smell these roses, as others tell me they are very fragrant. 

What is June like in your corner? 


  1. Lovely to see your summery pictures and have my mouth water at the thought of that cheesecake. I too have watched the news with dismay. So many forest fires these days. I’m sure it wasn’t always like that. B x

  2. Beautiful post and photos. The cheesecake is a delight to see.
    I see driftwood like that and think of table support. Gorgeous driftwood. The Falstaff rose has a deep classy color.
    No roses here as yet that I've seen nearby. We've had some smoke haze this week, but not enough to cause me breathing issues. Other places are not as fortunate, It has been a damp rain and chilly week in Vermont.

  3. The driftwood is like a sculpture growing from the sand. We are cold and wet here. It sounds great where you are!

  4. It's so good to plan ahead and have things prepared for company. That dessert looks delicious. The roses are glorious! June is busy and getting busier for us. We've also started renovating the Master Shower. Hope your week ends well.

  5. water here June is becoming very hot and dry. We water the garden before water restriction. Your strawberries are looking very good, mine are just starting, but as soon as they are good to eat they disappear eaten by the birds! There are many roses in the garden at the moment and it smells nice at night. I had covid three times but the last was the worst I lost smell and taste ( it was very difficult to appreciate the dishes at Xmas but fortunately it’s back to normal. I know it is very difficult and disappointing not being able to smell flowers. To get it back everyday I smelled spices, coffee … to improve. It took about one or two months to come back.
    Your cake looks delicious! Enjoy your weekend

  6. Your photos from the walk to the beach are wonderful... and I always go to lonely beaches during the holidays, it's a delight to walk there.
    With us it's similar to yours, the roses are opening their buds, it's great and we were in the field picking strawberries... jam, cake... yes for ice cream they are fabulous.
    Thank you for your beautiful photos. Hug of Viola

  7. My roses are delightful this year, too! Yours are gorgeous!

  8. It looks very beautiful there. I know so many are suffering from the fires and smoke. It has gotten hot here already but I go a little earlier for a hike and so good. Enjoy your weekend! Save me a strawberry!

  9. Oh, those strawberries look delicious.
    Roses are such a lovely flower, yours look beautiful.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    All the best Jan

  10. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Your roses are beautiful and the cheesecake makes my mouth water!! I'll have to look up the recipe on your recipe blog.
    With the light drizzle today the air has cleared but earlier in the week smoke from the fires near Harrison made for poor air quality.
    Enjoy your weekend, GM

  11. It´s summertime and your pictures are full of sunshine :)
    Love from Titti

  12. Sorry about your loss of smell dear - I know you miss smelling the fragrant roses, but they are beautiful to look at and arrange for the house. As for those strawberries, wow they are the prettiest I've seen this year! Sadly, much of the local crop in NC was destroyed by a bad hail storm early in spring so there has been a shortage here.
    I'd love the recipe for the choc mousse cheesecake - any chance you've ever posted the recipe and can direct me to it please?
    Enjoy your Sunday - hope the wildfires are calming down by now.
    Hugs - Mary

  13. The smokey pictures of NYC were so eerie! Hope you regain 100% of your olfactory sense soon!

  14. Everything is so beautiful, Lorrie, I enjoyed your photos. Here it is still green but as we don't get any rain during the long summer months, we are heading into brown :-)
    A couple of years ago we had huge bush fires in the forests surrounding our city and I well remember how awful it was. You can still see the charred areas. I hope you and all your Canadian friends are staying well and safe.

  15. I'm sure your guests had a glorious time with such delicious (and beautifully photographed) treats and those ocean walks. That had to be the best. I hope the fire gets under control soon. What a beautiful post. (Crushing on your strawberries -- so far, my entire crop is --- Six. (And I had so many flowers.) I think it's our drought and lack of light with weeds shading them so much.

  16. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Such a beautiful post! Snippets of loveliness which will delight your guests. Sorry to hear that your sense of smell has diminished after recovering from Covid. I hope it will return in time, so you can fully enjoy the fragrant roses.

  17. We love to go to the beach as well - with or without company. It is such a beautiful place that is often calming and despite the wind and waves rather peaceful for me.
    The wildfires in Canada are horrific. We are no strangers to wildfires and smoke, so I can imagine what it must be like. It is not a good omen for the summer.
    Our June so far has been pretty gloomy, at least in the mornings with cloudy sky and rather chilly. I still wear my jeans for half the day before I change into something lighter. It's quite typical for the North Bay, but I do feel that this year's "June Gloom" is much cooler than usual. Just this morning I read in the paper that this June has been hotter than normal - certainly not in my corner. Since I don't like heat too much, I'm quite content with this weather, but it would be nice not to be cold every morning.

  18. Marilyn M.5:18 PM

    How sad to have lost your scent. I hope it returns. My June has also included strawberries and roses, both are most delightful. I love your first photograph of the beach. The sky is just beautiful.

  19. Love your summer photos, Lorrie.
    Everything is so beautiful.
    That driftwood looks like a sculpture.

    Hugs and blessings


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