Friday, April 12, 2024

On a Morning in Spring


"Nothing is so beautiful as Spring - 
When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush;"
Gerard Manley Hopkins

I awoke in the early morning darkness to the sound of gentle rain, promptly rolled over and awoke again, this time to light and the sound of merry birds singing their sunup songs. Breakfast was eaten while watching birds at the feeder and the delicate new birch tree leaves swaying ever so slightly in the breeze. The House Finch pair above puzzled me for a bit - usually the head of the male is a bright red whereas this one is orange. And still very pretty. Soon the lilacs will bloom, just a hint of them visible now. 

On a recent walk, I was delighted by a large and lovely patch of  Pacific Trilliums (trillium ovatum) in the woods, almost a carpet of them stretching in every direction in a clearing. A common name for this creamy white native flower is "Wake-Robin" for they appear when the first American Robins return from their winter getaway. How charming. 

Bright acid green maple panicles brighten a grey day. So hopeful. Don't they look almost like lilacs? We are fortunate to not be bothered by pollen (other than my husband complaining about it getting all over the car). When we walk by the water and look towards the land, this shade of green brightens the dark mostly coniferous forest. 

The Downy Woodpecker and his mate are regular visitors to our suet block. Soon we will stop putting out food for there is plenty to eat in the garden and we want to discourage the birds from devouring our blueberries later. Outside my window, at this very minute, gulls soar high in the sky, riding the thermal air currents. A tiny hummingbird sits at the very top of my neighbour's tree, visible across the fence. I see him turning his tiny head from side to side. Soon, I expect, he will zoom down, looking for food. Oh, there he goes in a blur of wings. 

Clouds of blue forget-me-nots bloom under the rose bushes with their new leaves. A peony leaf is seen in the background. I have one peony that appeared on its own and blooms much earlier than the others. It already has fat round buds with a hint of colour. 

In spring every bloom is cause for exclamation. They march in a reliable parade, first this one, then that one, each in their turn. Isn't it amazing?

No big plans for this weekend, although we are going out to a Persian restaurant with friends. Laundry, a bit of house-tidying, and I hope to spend a few hours in the garden for tomorrow sunny weather is predicted. 

I hope your days are filled with small delights. Happy Weekend!


  1. Dearest Lorrie,
    Your images and correct name mention with lovely writing are always a joy to view here!
    We too feed the birds and enjoy them raising their families on our property.

  2. Loved your line: "In spring every bloom is cause for exclamation." You have some awesome things going on in your garden already. How exciting. I love your for-get-me-nots! What a gorgeous colour. Our bulbs are starting to poke through. And we've got juncos arriving this week in our yard, we're so happy. They are such sweet ground scroungers.

  3. Lovely photos and post

    The trilliums are a delight to see! Just today, a robin landed near my deck between downpours. It is the first out there this season. I like to leave out the dry weeds, vines, old flower stems and such for bird nest building.

  4. Such lovely photos. Lorrie! I do love "Forget me Nots." I've tried planting them in my garden a few times but they just don't seem to do well where I live. Our spring bloom is a bit late this year as our weather has been cooler than usual, but I know it will finally arrive in May and I'm looking forward to it.

  5. Your leaves are almost two months ahead of ours. Love that pretty little Downy and the blooms.

  6. So many pretty blooms to enjoy! Birds, too. I've noticed an occasional male House Finch with an orange head and I assume it's just a variation?
    Hope you enjoy your Persian food.

  7. This time of year is so full of promise and birdsong. We have a pair of blackbirds who are singing their hearts out at the moment. Wishing you a sunny weekend. B x

  8. Sounds like a lovely spring morning.
    Your garden is enchanting, with all the birds and pretty blooms.

    Have a great weekend, Lorrie

  9. What a delightful post. My forget me nots have somewhat taken over and are galloping through the flower beds with great glee. Every year I think there wont be any, and every year they surprise me. How lovely the trilliums are, not something we find here. Yes. every Spring bloom is a cause for happy exclamations!

  10. You captured the beauty of the Spring morning so well. What a wonderful patch of Trilliums! Happy Spring weekend to you!

  11. I love your words: "In spring every bloom is cause for exclamation" and I agree that it is amazing! I hope that this spring weekend is lovely for you!

  12. Several posts that you have shown this spring have caused a little envy here - this time it is the Trilliums. I planted some burgundy coloured Trilliums but yet again was thwarted by our alkaline soil. Gorgeous first photo of the House Finch pair sitting in your soon to open Lilac.

  13. What a positive post. Blooming makes us feel fantastic. Pacific Trilliums are wonderful. The birds are chirping and nature is starting its cycle.. Have a beautiful day🌷!

  14. "In spring every bloom is cause for exclamation" how I agree, this time of year is magical. Your images are beautiful Lorrie, particularly the birds and the delicate forget-me-nots.

  15. What a beautiful post, Lorrie. You remind me that trillium should be here soon if not already and I must go to my favorite spot to check this week!

  16. The lilacs are in bloom and all my peonies should have flowers except the one I rescued from dying in the supermarket but they are growing. We are having hot weather and suddenly very cold one not easy to know how to dress. I am also watching the birds when having my lunches.
    I wish you a nice week.

  17. Lovely photos. We finally had our first sunny day after so many gray and rainy ones.

  18. A lovely post, your photographs a delight to see.
    I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Persian restaurant.

    All the best Jan

  19. I don't know how I missed this post, but glad I found it today. Spring does offer something new and exciting each day. I so enjoyed getting a glimpse into how it is all unfolding in your area. You are lucky to not be bothered by pollen. I am dusting the yellow coating off of the outdoor furniture daily.


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