Friday, March 06, 2009

Craving Colour

When January comes, I love a calming, neutral decor. I use lots of white and crystal, with candles for warmth. Come February I add a few sweet red and pink touches. But when March hits - I want COLOUR!

I wish I had a bowlful of just lemons, but I don't, so I filled my lead crystal bowl with oranges, apples and the two lemons I did have. Set on a silver tray covered with a lace doily, with an Eiffel Tower and ivy plant to keep it company, the colour brightens up my dining room table. When I walk through the room, vacuuming and dusting (as I should today), the colour draws my eye and makes me smile.

For more ways to beautify your life check out Melissa's Linky list at The Inspired Room where today is all about beautifying what you have.

And for more about lead crystal, read Laura's interesting post at Decor to Adore. This crystal bowl is square and was given to my husband and me on our wedding day almost 32 years ago, by his grandparents. It has little round feet and a sweet scalloped edge. I love using it.
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  1. I think I am wanting the color more this year...we have had a cold winter, and the news is not so colorful----we need to keep that sunshine in our soul via God's WORD and prayer and then add those touches. Great post.

  2. I agree bring on the color! and March is a good month to do it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I'm liking the color too.
    Finally figured out some of the blog page layouts. I'm sure it will be an ongoing creation.
    Thanks for your interest

  4. The crystal bowl is lovely and so are the colors. And of course, the Eiffel Tower adds a touch of romance, especially if you've been there.

    We are all getting ready to welcome Spring and Easter and lots and lots of color!


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