Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have a problem...

I'm frustrated and hoping someone out there can help me. I have blogs on which I'd love to leave a comment BUT I can't.

The ones that have the "choose a profile" box are the ones I can't comment on. I've tried using the Google account, the Name/URL, even anonymous and NOTHING works!

Has anyone out there solved this problem? HELP, Please!


  1. I wish I had a solution! Have you asked Blogger? Maybe they can guide you...

  2. Lorrie, make sure you are logged into your blogger account (like when you edit your blog). When that happens to me I'm not logged in! Good Luck, Becky G.

  3. I will tell you my trick, I pick Google, I have a Google account, then I hit preview. Sometimes I have to do it a couple of time, till I see my name then I post my comment. I hope this helps. Clarice

  4. Anonymous6:12 PM

    This happens to me when I try to leave comments on your blog, Lorrie. I feel your frustration, so please know that I would have commented more in the past if I could have gotten it to work.
    I am going to use anonymous. It seems to work on Karla's Miss Peach blog.

    Shirl in Langley

  5. I changed my blog to not have a word verification and to have comments embedded. So far I think people are able to comment with no problem .... some were having trouble before I made those changes.

  6. I have had a lot of trouble with this too Lorrie although after several attempts blogger asks me to sign in like I do to getinto my blog. This then clears causes the blog to accept my comment.
    I have no idea why it happens. I had wondered if it was the way a person had their comments set up but reading the comment from 'anonymous' above maybe not because I donot have a problem commenting on your blog and she does.

    If anyone gives you the answer then I would be thrilled to have it because I find it time consuming and frustrating even if I do get through in the end.


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