Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Flirty Apron for a Friend

My friend Karen's birthday was yesterday. Sewing and crafting have sadly taken a back seat to studying, but once in awhile I make time to do something creative. This apron was one result.

Tomorrow is my French-Canadian Literature exam and next Friday is the French Vocabulary Expansion exam. Then....I am done...for now. I'm taking about a month off from studying before I start again in July. I can hardly wait....
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  1. Hi Lorrie,
    The apron is soooooo nice.
    Best of luck on your upcoming exams.

    Prayers & hugs

  2. Merci, Lorrie! The apron is delectable, and I have it on display in the house. What a treat to have your handmade gift!

  3. What a pretty apron.

    I like wearing an apron in the kitchen. My grandmother always used to wear one. When I was younger, I thought they were a nuisance, but now I realize how much they save the front of my outfit when I'm cooking or washing dishes!

    Lorrie, Enjoy your break for studies. Blessings for rest and rejuvenation!

  4. ooh! Blue and white is one of my favorite "kitcheny" combinations ; ) Love it!

  5. What a lucky friend...beautiful apron!

  6. Karen's apron is TOO CUTE!! I know she loved it. Sometimes a little break away from studying is a good thing! Good luck on your testing.


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