Sunday, May 17, 2009

Warm and wonderful spring

"Spring won't let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again. " (Gustav Mahler)

Today right after church we headed out to McKenzie Bight with some friends. A short hike through a forest smelling of all kinds of freshness, ferns and cedars, brought us to the shoreline. We sat in the sunshine and just soaked in the sunshine. At last.

On the way back we took the Cascade Trail which led us by a series of gorgeous waterfalls.

Tomorrow is a holiday here in Canada - Victoria Day - the day we celebrate the Queen's birthday. (which is really in April, I believe) My husband and I are going for a long hike along the East Sooke Park Coast Trail - should take us about 6 hours.

Oh, I do love spring when it's on the verge of summer!
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  1. I love visiting family in Canada. Well, actually right on the border of Canada and then we always visit Canada. We will be coming for Memorial Day weekend. Your pics are simply beautiful. Looks like the perfect Sunday.

  2. Two years ago today we were in Victoria, staying at the Queen Victoria Hotel, and had such a blast enjoying your Victoria day celebration! Enjoy, Becky

  3. Your photo from Mackenzie Bight is so tranquil. I could sit there ALL day!

  4. Go happy you are enjoying your Spring! Alas, we're still experiencing winter around here, but soon, very soon! We're keeping the faith (Smile)....

  5. how fortunate to live around such beauty AND have a husband that loves to share it with YOU...thanks for the beautiful pictures!


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