Cool Birds

I wondered if summer would ever come. A very long, cold spring made summer hesitate. But these past few days we've had record-breaking temperatures. Wading in the ocean is the best way to cool off. The Canada Geese apparently thought so, too. And a bald eagle is perched on the rock in the very bottom photo, the same eagle seen flying off in the top photo.

I'm not minding the heat at all. I know its days are numbered and I like to soak it in while I can. Visit Mary's blog for more Mosaic Monday photos.


  1. Wading in the ocean does sound like a good way to cool off. We went for a swim in the lake with A. and O.

  2. Any water source is great for cooling off in the sweltering heat. As a child, Lake Michigan was across town for our cool down trips, now the Pacific Ocean is only about an hour away.

    Love your mosaic! I like to capture the birds at the water too.

  3. Your pictures are just beautiful, Lorrie! Thanks so much for entering our Heavenly Hostess APRON GIVEAWAY! xo Lidy

  4. I can almost hear the sound of that ocean, Lorrie. What a nice place to cool off. Cheryl

  5. Summer showed up here today too. Not record breaking temps, but certainly summery feeling.

    As you say.... we'll enjoy!

  6. We were certainly on the same wavelength on the weekend. We were at Witty's - it was fantastic!

  7. I'm with you...let's enjoy summer while we can! Beautiful pic's.

  8. I just love bird photos Lorrie.
    They are having fun by the sea - amazing!

    take care.

  9. Have a nice paddle, if the birds will let you.

  10. Love to see beachy shots, must be the Cancerian crab in me!
    Glad to hear you're enjoying summer now that it has finally arrived.


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