Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Incoming Tide

On Sunday evening, driving home from Victoria, I noticed the faintest hint of yellow on some of the trees along the road. Summer is ending. A sense of urgency fills me and I want to capture as much sunshine as possible.

An hour on the beach walking barefoot in the sand, with gull's cries overhead and the rush of waves lapping over the warm sand is a perfect antidote, or complement to any mood.

Tidal pools teem with life - tiny crabs, mussels, barnacles, nutrient-providing shells. Light shimmers and dances with the wind and water. I crouch down, taking time to observe small intricacies of life.

Bits of detritus lie littered on the beach, left behind by the receding tide. Soon, the tide will return and they will once again drift, suspended.

Autumn is coming in small waves, similar to the incoming tide. Cooler nights, bluer skies, a hint of chill in the wind. This quotation expresses what I'm sensing about this season...

"When summer gathers up her robes of glory, 
and like a dream of beauty glides away."

Sarah Helen Power Whitman


Judy said...

I've ben noticing those waves of autumn! Lovely pic's.

Carole said...

Yep, autumn is definitely coming, yesterday the wind blew off the first yellow leaves, and there IS a chill in the air.
The verses are beautiful !
And this is exactly what Jean said as well : if we're in now for 6 months of colder weather, let's soak up the remaining days of the sun as much as we can !

Vee said...

Your photos are amazing! Why am I feeling quite cool looking at them? Ha! I've been thinking about you and how busy you must be as you come down to these last days before the wedding. Take good care of yourself and walk on the beach often.

Pamela said...

I'm not ready for summer to end!!!
I just loved the beach in Parksville this summer!

Thank you Lorrie for the lovely birthday wishes!
Pamela xo

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

I like how you said that 'waves of autumn'.

We've got a gorgeous day here, but the tide has turned and I don't feel 'in summer mode' anymore. I get a little surprised when I still see kids on the street in the middle of the day -- wondering why they aren't in school! Of course, it's still summer holidays for a couple days yet.

Pondside said...

Beautiful photos - you make me miss home. Lake Ontario is gorgeous, but it can't hold a candle to our coast.

Barb said...

Hi Lorrie,

Such beautiful photo's. Your daughter's shower looked like a lot of fun. I bet the two of you are so excited!
Yes, I think we should think about living in the same little village in France or elsewhere. We would have so much fun.

Big hugs,

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