Monday, August 09, 2010

Tomato, Tomahto

Yes, it's that time of year! Tomatoes. As a child I was never very fond of raw tomatoes, probably because I usually had to eat them as a green salad ingredient. To this day I never put tomatoes in my green salads. (unless they are whole cherry tomatoes that I can avoid and give to my husband) Tomatoes deserve a place of their own, in my opinion.

I have just a few tomato plants on my porch here, so that big platter of tomatoes is last year's photo, taken when I had a big garden. Gazpacho, roasted tomatoes, tomato, mozzarella and basil salad, and rustic tomato tart are pictured in this mosaic.

I made the tart yesterday when our daughter and her husband were up. We had a wonderful relaxing time together. After dinner on Saturday night we watched "The Young Victoria." I found it so charming. Sunday morning we visited the sand sculptures again and found them unharmed by the day of rain on Saturday. (They are sprayed with a mixture of environmentally friendly glue and water to help them withstand the elements.) A short walk on the beach, then lunch, and a game of Thurn and Taxis rounded out the afternoon before they left for home.


  1. That rustic tart looks amazing. If it were a bit cooler, I'd be tempted and especially since I have bananas to use in banana bread...two birds with one stone and all that jazz. Maybe by evening... Thanks for the recipe! Oh, I didn't know all that about the difference in Canadian flour. Very interesting.

  2. We love tomatoes, too! What wonderful photos you've taken--beautiful!

    We love trying new things with them, too....but just as you said, we didn't have nearly as big a crop as last year...

    "The Young Victoria" is one of my very favorites! Isn't it wonderful?! I'm suddenly feeling the need to watch it again.....!

    Hope your Monday is wonderful!


  3. I hated Tomatoes as a child but I have grown to love them! Yum, you have me craving some right now.


  4. I love a plate of fresh, garden-grown tomatoes with good olive oil and bread. Tomato sauce, something resembling your rustic tart, stuffed tomatoes - they all get my vote too.
    I just looked at the link to the game and have found the perfect Christmas gift for your son. Thank you!
    Has your family ever played Settlers of Catan? We like that one too.

  5. Yum...I could almost eat your pictures. My garden tomatoes are a little late...but soon I will be enjoying garden-fresh tomato dishes.

  6. My tomatoes are still hard & green and with all this rain I think all they'll be fit for is frying and chutnies!

  7. A splendid display of the love apple and its myriad uses.

    My tomatoes are still very green and small; I doubt they'll ever reach the dizzy heights of culinary excellence.

  8. Hi Lorrie - Your tomato tart looks so delicious and I have just noticed your recipe page. It will be handy to check back to as Ive often thought your recipes look so delicious. there's nothing better than tomatoes fresh from the garden!

  9. I'm eating tomatoe's and cucumbers right now! Yummmm!


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