Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ready for Visitors

When we moved last spring several people asked if we were going to downsize our home. Nope, I said, I want lots of space so our children can all come and visit, and others too. We were blessed to find this home that has three large bedrooms in the basement. They were in rough shape - lots of holes in the walls, weird paint colours, baseboard that just stopped or broke, closet doors that didn't work well and so on. Simple stuff, really. But it all takes time to fix. The plusses included good quality carpet and space. 

So here's one of the rooms mostly done. I still want to put up curtains over the window and get a red throw for the bed. Actually, I have plans to make one, but that's going to have to wait awhile. I painted the walls a greyish white called Winterwash. I blogged about the nightstand here. You'll notice it's the only painted piece of furniture in the room.

I wanted this room to be calm and fairly neutral, with hints of red for warmth. I'll definitely be adding more to it as we go along, but I'm pleased with it so far.

I'm linking this post to The Lettered Cottage's list of wonderful guest rooms to visit.

Less than three weeks until the wedding. The dress arrived - YES! - and it needs NO altering. That's a huge load off my mind. We'll be going down to Victoria for the wedding, but afterwards the guest rooms here will fill up with family and friends for a night or two. I'm looking forward to some wonderful visits!


  1. What a calm and tranquil guest room you are creating, a lovely space for your family to relax after the wedding activities.

  2. Lovely room...I can see that you have been incredibly busy!

  3. We'll be at a wedding in Victoria on the same day - I hope it's a sunny one!
    Isn't it nice to have a room all ready for friends and family?

  4. The room looks great...I like the white windchime in the corner...nice touch. Enjoy these next 3 weeks... you are going to be exhausted after the wedding...

  5. A lovely welcoming room, very calm and peaceful.

  6. It looks most lovely...ready & welcoming! Great pillows.

  7. what a lovely, calm room for guests..the wedding is coming up so fast...

  8. So, will you be making room for bloggers?
    One of these bedrooms will do me nicely and if I can't sleep I'll read the bedside table.

  9. This room is wonderful ! I immediately bookmarked the link to the guest rooms and will get back to it as soon as possible. I have A LOT to catch up on but I will do my best before school starts.
    The wedding is getting close, I guess everybody must be excited and kind of nervous at the same time... I hope you'll have nice weather !

  10. What a peaceful and welcoming room. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

  11. What a transformation - I'm just getting on the plane!


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