Wednesday, March 09, 2011

For Today...

Outside my window ... wind hurling rain against the house, trees tossing madly

I am thinking ... too much

I am thankful for ... hot tea, warm house, good conversations, life's possibilities

I am learning ... life's adventures never end

In the kitchen ... spinach stuffed eye of round roast, quinoa, roasted broccoli, carrot sunflower salad, baked apples with crème anglaise (company for dinner)

I am wearing ... black cords, eggplant top, cream cardigan

I am going ... to town to drop off boxes at the thrift store and buy a few groceries - when the rain stops

I am reading ... Western Europe in the Middle Ages

I am hoping ... in the character of God, for dreams to be fulfilled

I am hearing ... wind outside, and the hum of my electric heater beside me inside, along with the clack of the keyboard

One of my favorite things ... the pot of hyacinths that remind me that spring is coming soon
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  1. I am truly identifying with numbers one and three. Have a lovely evening with friends and share, talk, walk it through. I find that it really, really helps me. Oh, you've reminded me to add something to my shopping list...tulips, daffodils, something!

  2. Stay warm and dry today.
    Love your new banner!

  3. Very nice visuals you gave us of the weather, home and comfort. The one of tonights' meal was too good. I now want a place at the table.

  4. Could you scoot in one more chair tonight?

  5. What nasty sounding weather - familiar though! You certainly know how to enjoy the forced captivity though.

    Enjoyed the peep into yur day. Blessings.

  6. Beautiful hyacinth...and re-cap of what is happening in your world today. Enjoy!

  7. I seem to remember you once posting a wedding on your blog. ???

    If you so you should link up on DTA today. :)

  8. Beautiful post, love the favourite thing:)

  9. Rained here today, too! Can't complain because we always need it. Be sure and drop by Thursday...I'm having a give away!

  10. It sounds like a peaceful day - just enough of all the best things.

  11. West Coast stormy weather provides opportunities for all kinds of things to happen in a day. Maybe it's not the peace and quiet you need for tackling your history course though...Hope the rain lets up soon.

  12. Coming to your site, after being away from my computer these past weeks, is a sight to behold! You're as beautiful as ever..... and I can almost smell the fragrance of that blossom!

  13. Your thoughts... like poetry, echoing in my mind.
    My thoughts... reverberating with the music of yours.
    My day... enriched by your sharing.
    My prayers... thanking God for the blessing you've given.

  14. Hello Lorrie,

    I hope you are doing great...saw the news about B.C...

    ~ Gabriela ~

  15. Lorrie,
    Is that a fabric flower pin on your new heading. It looks so attractive. Is it something you made Lorrie? Thankyou for sharing a West Coast day.

  16. I hope you managed to get out but if not, home sounds good to me, home is where the heart is.

  17. I am hopeful you might share the recipe for the carrot sunflower salad. That sounds different and delicious.


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