Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quiet Days

"And Winter slumbering 
In the open air
Wears on his face
A dream of spring."

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

January begins with festivities and frolic that soon turn into quiet days of routine. While Nature slumbers, readying herself for great expressions of energy in spring, my own thoughts turn inward. There's a sense of blankness, not uncomfortable, that leaves me free to ponder plans and projects, goals and challenges. Nothing concrete has emerged from my tangle of thoughts, but in time, it will. 

Husband: What are you knitting?

me: I don't know.

Husband: You don't know? What kind of knitting is that?

me: Well, I found this ball of yarn in Ashley's stuff and decided to start knitting. I just want to knit.

Husband: You don't want to make anything?

me: Yes, but we'll see what this turns out to be. If there's enough yarn, it will be a cowl scarf. If not, maybe a pillow top. I don't really care. I just feel like knitting. 

Husband: Oh.

I am very much a beginning knitter. And I have not knit for at least a year. But I grabbed a ball of wool from a box, found a set of needles, cast on a few stitches and started knitting. As I knit I can feel myself relax and unwind - not that I'm riled up about anything, but the rhythmic click of needles and hand motions soothes any cares away and fills the need for me to do something with my hands. Knitting goes along very well with tea drinking, this time chamomile.

I'll let you know what this knitting turns into. 

What projects are you working on these days? Do you have any plans for 2012 - not resolutions, per se, but hopes and dreams? Will you share them? Reading the goals of others helps stimulate the formation of my own, something I've found helpful in reading other blogs.


  1. I do that all the time. And, oddly enough, I have just finished a post about nearly the same thing that will be posted tomorrow. My handbag morphed into something else entirely. And, yes, knitting just to knit keeps hands busy, allows one to rest and think. Two very good things. Chamomile? I could use some of that myself. Oh, I'm now working on ric-rac in crochet cotton with a wee little crochet hook. I think it'll be put on the tag I'm working on for Quill Cottage's Challenge on the 19th.

  2. I can't count. Three very good things. ☺

  3. I'm jealous Lorrie! Knitting....oh I wish I could peacefully knit! For me it is not relaxing!
    My plans for this year include falling in love with a grand baby that will be arriving sometime in May. My first.

  4. Working outside the home gave me structure. Without that structure and a lot of time on my hands, I often piddle. I don't cook but I really enjoy reading about your time in the kitchen. I still clean house way too often!

  5. Knitting is so fun! I knitted two scarves and stopped....I think that's my problem. I am always leaping from one project to another!

  6. I love it when I encounter poetry on a blog, coupled with lovely photos and lovely thoughts.

    It makes me want to get a volume of Coleridge and find out what I've been missing.

    And the pretty little chintz teacup makes me want to brew a cup of chamomile, but I really need to just go to bed.

  7. So could we safely say you're a process knitter? ;-)
    That's a lovely yarn -- soothing colours to match the calm of knitting and of chamomile tea. Enjoy!

  8. Lovely post, looking at the trees & the poetry and thinking about you sitting drinking tea whilst knitting the afternoon away was very pleasing.
    My plans for this year include getting fit, a bloggers reading group which has a foodie theme and teaching myself to cook Italian Food with Elizabeth David.

  9. When I read Your words it is like I am writing through You...I have so many moments like Yours,I can very easely identify with You...
    As alwys , it is a pleasure to pop in here !
    Hugs !
    P.S.If You find any misspelled words please forgive me,English is my second language and every day is a learning day for me.

  10. Lovely photos! I'm so jealous you can knit!! What a fabulous talent.

    Tanya from

  11. Interesting that you are knitting and will see what it turns into. Not heard that one before. Will wait in anticipation.
    Have not had time to ponder here, life has been particularly busy. The busiest January I have known I think with the calender full.

  12. Sounds like you are a designer. I've been knitting a long time, since about the time my kids were born. My oldest is now 16. But I knit pretty exclusively from patterns. One of my goals in 2012 is to knit a sweater of my own design. If you haven't already be sure to check out Ravelry, it's a wonderful knitting resource.


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