Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

My mother. Memories rush in a flood as I think of what my mother means to me. She's beautiful inside and out, smart as a whip, handy at just about anything she tackles, and has a heart that leans hard on her Lord. 

Together with my father, she devotes hours of time to volunteer work - every Wednesday she gathers with other women to make quilts for those in need. On Mondays she's found in the church office, taking care of the financial records. 

What I love most about my mother, though, is the way she loves her family. Her husband, her children, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren receive love from her, steady and quiet. 

She lost her own mother when she was just 15 and worked hard to help care for her 9 younger siblings. Even though she excelled at her school work, her father forced her to quit school after Grade 9. She married at 18, had me at age 20, and completed her GED (high school equivalency) the same year I graduated from high school. She's an example of perseverance and discipline.

Here she is with my grandchild, one of her 10 great-grandchildren. She's been my teacher and example in so many ways, but most of all, she's been my friend, someone I can talk to, laugh with, and be silly with. 

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you.


  1. Such a sweet testimony about your mother !
    I hope someday my daughters will talk about me like that.

  2. What a life your mother has had, and what an inspiration she is to you. We are so lucky to have our mums!

  3. Lovely shot of your mother and granddaughter . . . no generation gap there. So many moms with such quiet strength that trickles down to her children and their children. She sounds like a true treasure. Happy Mother's Day to you, Lorrie.

  4. What a blessed post.... and a blessed woman you are! How wonderful to still have your parents, Lorrie.... I know you realize that. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. A beautiful post devoted to your Mom. You are so lucky to have her. I wish you a blessed Mother's Day. hugs Jen.

  6. She is beautiful and your grand's smile is so sweet that I can tell she's enjoying time with her great-grammie. Isn't it incredible to know some of the difficult challenges that shaped our parents? Amazing. Lovely tribute, Lorrie.

  7. She's beautiful. I hope she had a wonderful day.

  8. This is heart touching post.

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  9. What a beautif
    ul tribute to your dear mother Lorrie! She sounds like an amazing woman and the photo is too perfect for words!

  10. Your mother is beautiful inside and out - the photo of her with the baby is delightful.

    Hope your day was special dear.

  11. Such a beautiful photo and tribute to your mom!


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