Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Garden Party

Over the weekend we celebrated a birthday. I'm so glad Ashley had the foresight to marry someone who had a birthday in the summer. The rest of us are in the fall or early spring, when garden parties are out of the question. 

We ate outside, surrounded by green growing things, pretty blooms, and warm drifts of summer air. Grilled chicken, quinoa cakes, and various salads were on the menu, followed by a frozen chocolate mousse cheesecake. I love summer food.

A little side table held the glasses and drinks, a simple mixed bouquet of garden flowers and a chalkboard sign. A white linen cloth and black napkins gussied up the table.

It's a party in the garden every day around here! The first dahlia has blossomed, all painterly streaks and blushing colour.

Even the tomato plants wore their finest sparkling jewels this morning!

Tell me about the party in your garden these days.


  1. Such a party!
    My garden party was a solo affair, just me, a good book, a cup of tea! I sat in the shade by the fountain hidden by the flowers and shrubs. Just heavenly.

  2. You do have mad hostessing skills, Lorrie . . . happy you got the opportunity to do a garden party. Love your simple bouquet and the dahlia is magnificent.

  3. Delightful. Even the tomato plant is all dressed up. I can't imagine anything much more utilitarian and unattractive than a tomato plant, but this is my favorite photo of the entire day thus far...

  4. Lovely table and the setting is beautiful..my garden is very tiny but charming right now..good book..cold drink and the sunshine.

  5. What a lovely Garden Party! Your flowers are GORGEOUS, and the jewels on your tomato vine is CHARMING! You have a mind for STYLE! I LOVE IT!

  6. I did not know tomato plants could look so pretty! Your garden party set-up looked most inviting. And yes...it is good to have a birthday or two to celebrate in the summer.

  7. Hi Lorrie, Who new a tomato plant could so lovely, fabulous shot. Sounds like you had a marvellous time.

  8. What a pretty setting for your party. I heart summertime, too. Here the Dahlias usually don´t bloom before the end of summer/fall.

  9. Lorrie, Everything is absolutely lovely. I do love dining outdoors. We have had a little break in the heat the last few days. We are still not dining outside, but I did sit out reading for a bit this afternoon. I love to see raindrops on leaves....so pretty. Bonnie

  10. A gorgeous table a scrumptious sounding menu!

  11. How lovely to be able to celebrate outdoors, it all looks wonderful.
    Our garden parties have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, due to inclement weather!

  12. What a beautiful setting for a party! So nice to be able to eat outdoors! And your dahlia! Just in time for the party. What a gorgeous color!

  13. Wonderful! Summer birthday parties are extra joyous, aren't they?! We celebrated one in my daughter's tiny urban garden this week -- so festive. Yours look delightful!

  14. Summmertime parties are the best! I love that flower...the color and detail of your photo is amazing. Enjoy your week!

  15. Have been having a catchup through your lovely recent posts - I missed too many while gallivanting in Africa with no Internet!

    All looks Summery and beautiful in B.C. - and this dahlia in today's post is SO pretty, unusual color and I love it.

    Parties are one of Summer's pleasures - I was at one last week for an 80 y.o. friend/neighbor - but her young nephews and their families made it so pleasurable -they are her only relatives and so nice to see they care! It's not easy growing old alone I'm sure. Next week another party is actually a wine tasting - that will be fun too!

    Happy weekend Lorrie - thanks for visiting and commenting on the safari posts.
    Hugs - Mary


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