Tuesday, July 03, 2012

S.A.D. in the Summer?

The hydrangea bush just outside our front door is beginning to bloom. It's rather pale blue just now, but the colour usually deepens as summer goes on. I'm hoping that will happen this year. 

Waking up to grey skies morning after morning is becoming depressing. I have never suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), but this weather is enough to bring it on. I thought we'd turned a corner on Sunday afternoon. Alas, yesterday was grey, and heavy rain in the night had me thinking it might be November.

Brighter weather is in the forecast. I'll be patient and try to wait well. Today is a day for sitting down at the sewing machine instead of working in the yard. But in between rain showers, I think I'll clip a bouquet of hydrangeas.

"A dead hydrangea is as intricate and lovely as one in bloom. Bleak sky is as seductive as sunshine..."    Toni Morrison

Morrison's words may be true, but in summertime, I prefer my skies sunny and my hydrangea in fresh bloom. 

How's the weather out your way, and how are you coping?


  1. Hmmm, I haven't seen any blooms on our hydrangeas, and I suspect that's because of how drastically the deer have chomped down on them. Now I'm really annoyed at those guys!

    Like you, I'm holding out hope that the forecasts of sunny skies come true . . . will we be complaining it's too warm, by Sunday?

  2. I'm waiting along with you for a string of bright days and no rain. Time will tell. I think I better get out some lap blankets for my 4th of July barbecue and them out on the deck in a basket for my guests!!

  3. We have yet to have two days in a row of sunshine without any rain. It is a challenge. My doctor has me on Vitamin D because my vitamin D levels are quite low...that can bring on S.A.D. It may be something you'd like to research as many are lacking vitamin D.

    Oh, we must expecting the rain in your area in a few days as the weather forecast is 11 straight days of rain. I'm praying that the forecast is wrong. I really have had more than enough and I know you have!

  4. we must BE expecting...see, I can bungle the language as well as the next person...

  5. Hydrangeas are my favorite. Is certainly has been a gray summer for many so far!

    I hope the sunshine finds you soon!

  6. Oh I hope it comes very soon for you! I wish I could share some of our sunshine with you but since I can't I'm sharing a smile and sending sunny thoughts.

    Hopefully the sun is just around the corner.

  7. My hydrangeas look so like yours. Someone told me that they hadnt had enough sun and that's why they are such a pale colour.

  8. Had the same thoughts myself. The dull grey skies are hard to live with in the Winter but when they go on through the Summer too then that can really affect winter S.A.D. How different I feel when we have had the odd sunny day.

    July has been the wettest on record here and much flooding in the North.

  9. I've never had any luck growing those....they are so beautiful!

  10. I'm longing for some real, sustained sunshine and temperatures above 18!
    This morning I was down past Metchosin and it was very, very cold and windy. I don't know how to dress when I head out in the morning, but I always take a jacket with a hood.

  11. We all wait...together! May the weather forecast be right...and our skies be blue before long. We spent the weekend camping...with hoodies and rain gear...and blazing campfires to stay warm.

  12. It seems that there's quite a few of us waiting for the sun to shine!!
    My hydrangeas are blooming despite the rain, mostly pink but I have one white and wait for it a green one!
    I've got pix to share later in the week.
    I do get a mild dose of S.A.D in the wintertime, especially if I can't get outdoors.
    Right now I can cope because the days are long and it stays light until late evening but I do miss the sun.

  13. Hot, hot, hot, and sunny here and although the dreariness you have must be awful, the rain sounds heavenly. Our farm is getting really dry and it weighs on my husband.
    Your flowers are so pretty. I love dried hydrangeas too.

  14. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower! These are just beautiful! Well...I moved to the Sunshine state and that was one of my considerations. I am affected by cool, grey days. I don't mind as much when it is cold but I don't like the cool dreary days. We have sunshine here in Florida most every day. It seems to give me energy. I hope the sun is shining on you today! Hugs!

  15. Your comment about the hydrangeas deepening in color as the summer goes on makes me wonder if you keep them all summer. Ours stayed almost a month this year probably because it was so cool, but they don't usually last that long. It's fun every year to see the color them come out with as it seems to vary. i'm sorry about your weather, but a little rain sounds good to me. Our grass is drying up in this intense heat.


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