Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Little Bit of Christmas

I send out fewer and fewer cards each year. Email greetings seem to be more the norm these days. But it's so nice to check the mailbox in the afternoon and see an envelope addressed in a familiar and loved hand. Last night I spent some time writing greetings and addresses. Hot cocoa followed. I'll be teaching French again today but will get these in the mail after school.

On this dark morning in December I lighted the Christmas Pyramid, sent last year from Berlin. Round and round the deer twirl in their wooden forest, illuminated and energized by candle power.

Time to get to school. Whatever you do today, I hope you enjoy the moments. Take time to breathe. Look about you. Smile. And have a little cookie or piece of chocolate.


  1. Oh yes...splendid advice. My cards were done last evening...mostly to elderly or far away family. Like yours, the list grows shorter.

    What a sweet piece your woodland Christmas pyramid. It must be pleasant to watch...

  2. I have written and sent my cards to far off lands, but there are still those for people in the UK to do. It’s not a chore I mind; having a glass of Gluehwein by my side and listening to Christmas music playing makes it even more enjoyable. As you say, there are fewer and fewer each year, but we will continue the tradition nevertheless.

    I have a whole collection of German wooden figures and carvings. They may be kitsch, but I love them. They too are part of a very long tradition.

  3. It is looking so beautiful
    Hugs xx

  4. My cards have been sitting here waiting for the inspiration to get started on them. I think I just found it in your lovely post. Also, the promise of hot cocoa afterwards is very motivating :).
    Your Christmas pyramid is so pretty.

  5. It seems more of a chore than ever to get greetings out this year. I do know I prefer seeing the familiar handwriting on an envelope in the mailbox rather than on email. (I wonder if things will ever go backwards on this topic). Your cards look nice and even sweeter the Christmas pyramid.

  6. A beautiful card! Every year I try to scale down the list...but always seem to add others. I mailed mine today. Love your German 'deer in the forest'.

  7. I love your blog coming to me by email but need to unsubscribe whilst I am away and there is no unsubscribe button when you post comes by email- I will reconnect after my trip.

  8. I still send quite a number of cards. It's a big job, but as you say, it's a delight to receive a handwritten card. Even more delightful if there are a few personal words within. I suppose that is old school. :)


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