Wednesday, December 05, 2012

On a Wednesday Morning in December

The wind threw the rain at our windows all night long. It was very cozy to lie in bed and listen to the storm. This morning I did some photography for my Etsy shop. The sun was not shining, but the rain held off so I took my camera and props outdoors. My fingers were frozen before I was done. 

The simple arrangement above is from my yard. I snipped bits and pieces here and there. This table sits just outside the glass doors and we can view it while eating indoors. Makes for a bit of seasonal cheer. 

I listed some journals and purses in my Etsy shop this morning. They were leftover from the art show. Here's a link to my shop: Fabric Paper Thread. I am always appalled at the cost of Canadian postage. I feel apologetic even putting the amounts out there. But such it is.

I also baked cookies this morning. Once the dough was mixed and shaped, I snapped photos and created Etsy listings in between switching out baking sheets. These are such addictive little morsels - Toasted Almond Chocolate Chip Balls. A little bit of crunch, buttery sweetness and just a hint of chocolate. So delicious with a cup of tea. Clicking the link will take you to the recipe.

How's this Wednesday morning shaping up for you? I hope to get to reading a few blogs later on. Meanwhile, lunch to eat, things to sew, .... it's December, you know.


  1. What a pretty decoration to see out your window. I'm going to check out those cookies too!

  2. Aww very sweet decoration ..and yummy cookies
    Love for you x

  3. Pretty and yummy things to see here today. Sorry about those postage rates...

  4. Love the bright berries, they are so festive...I need to visit your Etsy shop, somehow I missed that.

    I hear you about the postage costs in Canada, when I have to ship my cards to customers, I cringe....I felt like apologizing every time, and many times have subsidized the cost myself, because I was so embarrassed over the cost...

    But then a blogger sent me a small package from a contest I won, she paid $20 in postage, and it wasn't even now while I still feel bad, I understand that it's not just us.


  5. Beautiful winterberries. Ours are non-existent this year, which makes me so sad because all the lovely arrangements are lacking the bright red colors that make them sing. I, too, have an arrangement on the table just beyond the doors. It's not as lovely as yours.

  6. I'm coming very late to this post - nearly bedtime! We've had wild weather over here this week. Somehow a soaker from a big puddle just doesn't feel much like a Christmas experience!
    I cringe whenever I have to mail anything - no wonder Canada Post is slowly going out of business. They must use the same business model as BC Ferries!

  7. Love the Cotoneaster berries LOorrie.
    The recipe sounds so yummy too - almond is one of my fave flavours.
    A lovely recipe for pre-Christms treats thank you Lorrie.

    Joyeux Noël
    Shane ♥

  8. I clicked...and the recipe sounds most delicious! My Wednesday came and went before I knew it...several appointments and an evening out...and not much got accomplished on the home front. But this is Thursday...and I'm having a visitor from across the Pond you know. I'm so looking forward to that!

  9. Sounds like a productive morning!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  10. A productive yet comforting morning, you had. I'm already on Thursday, reading you, so hope this was a good day as well.

  11. I cannot get over how many posts you manage to fit in since my last visit.
    Baking and stitching - one creative lady.


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