Saturday, December 08, 2012

Winter of the Interior

There's no snow on the ground but the air is raw and the wind chill. It feels like winter outside. Sometimes, even in the midst of warm summer, winter comes to the soul. I'm guest blogging today over at Inscribe Writers Online about my winter of the soul. 


  1. I read your 'Winter of the Soul' Lorrie, and found it compelling, sad, and yet so honestly hopeful.

  2. It's a balmy 69 degrees here right now, and I'm enjoying it while it lasts (which won't be soon)!

  3. In year past, this would be the time when hubby and I would be in your part of the world visiting family and enjoying the Island and that marvelous Butchard Garden in all its seasonal splendour.

    I like your photo... you get that feeling of raw and chilly from it.

  4. Winter of your soul... Oh that sounds deep...depressing? Okay, I'll risk it and venture over.

    1. Yes, deep and it also felt depressing to me because I recognize that place. Such honest writing is a rarity and a gift.

  5. Lorrie, that is such a beautiful piece of writing. I found myself nodding, agreeing, feeling the winter's chill and its beauty. I love your descriptions of a "winter of the soul"...what it is and what it is not. Oh, how poignant those descriptions.

    And your words are full of hope. Trust. Faith. Isn't the heart of faith simply this: trusting Him when we understand nothing, when we don't see the next step, when prayers seem to be unheard?

    Thank you for this...


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