Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Just Chatting

This is one of those posts about inconsequential things - like a conversation that leaps from one topic to another, without many connections between them. My family seems to think I'm pretty good at that, and it gives them great delight. 

The rain-battered primroses are blooming in my garden. Hardy souls. I was looking for snowdrops and found no sign of them at all. Puzzling.

Eating just a little of everything at Christmas meant a little bit added to me. Everyone has their own way of losing a couple of pounds - mine is to cut refined carbs for a few weeks. I tried out the Cauliflower Crust Pizza that I've seen here and there. If you love the chewy bready crust that holds your pizza toppings, you won't find it with a cauliflower crust. But it was still pretty good. Do a search for the recipe and you'll come up with many options. I sort of did my own thing, simplifying some of the steps. Yes, I'll make it again.

Lately I've found it hard to get into a book I really enjoy. Do you think I might be getting pickier? I was worried. On Saturday I took this book out of the library. I finished it after work today. A story with unexpected turns, full of humour, characters I'd like to meet, and a friendly setting. Highly recommend.

Candles make the January gloominess a little less so. I've been practicing taking low light shots with my new tripod. It does make a remarkable difference.

Re Downton Abbey. Yes, there is a Christmas special for Season Three. It was shown on Christmas Day in the UK. However, it does not take place at Christmas time, so it won't be too unseasonal when it airs here in February, I believe. Spoilers are all over the internet, but I won't say a word now. I'll have plenty to discuss later. Plenty. 


  1. Lorrie, Enjoyed your conversational peek into your life these days.

    That cauliflower pizza looks yummy, even if it doesn't have that chewy crust that I love. (I like the idea of reducing a few of those carbs too).

    Oh... I'm going to be looking for that book.

    And I'm looking forward to Erica Bauermeister's newest book coming out soon.... her Essential Ingredients novel of a few years ago zoomed into the top favorites on my list and I'm eager for the sequel (http://www.ericabauermeister.com/the-lost-art-of-mixing)

    ... as for the candles... yes they add such spots of joy in dim corners on gray days. And, I've got my fig tree with the twinkle lights back in my living room where the Christmas tree had grand position until yesterday when she went back into her box in the basement.

    Lorrie... wishing you a beautiful day!

  2. I loved Major Pettigrew as well - lovely to find a book that grabs your attention, isn't it. I watched the recorded Downton Abbey last night and was surprised at how much I'd forgotten since September. What a lovely way it was to spend a rainy winter evening!

  3. Hell hello dear I love major pettigrew so much too :) ...
    Such a happy way to spend the rainy evening..
    Love for you x

  4. We were a bit disappointed in the Christmas Downton, there wasnt much laughter in it. But I can watch those gorgeous clothes for ever! Not going to tell you any more about it, as you say, it is all over the internet anyway.

  5. We are cutting back on our carbs too--NOT an easy thing to do in France as you can imagine--so I will look up the recipe for the crust thanks! And I will keep the book suggestion in mind too--you are the second to recommend it!

  6. Hello dear Lorrie!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It was a gift I cherish, such a sweet, sweet surprise to consider that someone had noticed my absence. I am a fickle blogger, and truthfully, not consistent in many, many things. I used to think maybe I had a little ADD, but I know that it is really a self-discipline matter. (A little joke from my friend: "I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.") I thought of your post on resolutions when I published today.
    I like meandering posts, they're a little like a regular letter from a friend, of the what's-happening-around-here-lately variety.
    Thanks again for your visit. Next time I'll make shortbread cookies and Lady Grey tea.

  7. The cauliflower crusted pizza looks fabulous! I could pass on a few carbs myself...though that is always easier said than done.

    Your primulas look lovely. I must go see if there is anything brave enough to bloom in my garden these days.

  8. The pizza looks truly delicious. I must pass on carbs for a good long while, which is a problem as I love nothing better than bread. I could live on it. Forget the pizza toppings, all I want is the crust. Primroses are blooming already in your garden? Now that is something I won't see for months yet. What a difference a few thousand miles can make even if we are on roughly the same parallel.

  9. I enjoyed this 'virtual' chat with you, Lorrie!

    And the cauliflower-pizza looks simply YUMMY! It seems that you had a good start into 2013!

  10. Primroses in your January garden... how lovely.
    I saw the cauliflower pizza crust on a blog once and wondered if it would taste good. I'm sure that melted cheese on top only added to the delicious factor. Thanks for providing your thoughts on the matter. I may need to give it a try.
    Very pretty candle photo. I agree that the candles are a welcome addition to a gloomy day.

  11. Ahh...I'm looking forward to the "plenty to discuss later"
    I have to return to my resolve in restraining myself in the whole eating world. With the cookbook in the hands of the publisher I do believe it should be easier since I don't have to cook and re cook and take photos of my recipes...

  12. Hmmmmm...considering how many cauliflower crusts I'd need to eat to get to my ideal weight...oh dear.

    I love candlelight on the grey days of winter. I placed many candles around my house today. I almost wonder if it's too many, but I think not. Candle glow is so cozy. Love your photograph!

  13. Your pizza looks delicious so I'm going to search online for a recipe. Thanks, Lorrie.
    Did you get the snow today? We only got a couple of inches and now it's raining.

  14. Everyone is saying the califlower crust pizza is delish...but I can't have cheese....I do love cali though.

    Love your primrose, such a bright and cheery little flower, I miss them up here, but they would be buried under over a foot and a half of snow. I do like the extra light in answer to your question on my blog...it's nicer to look outside and see white, instead of brown. But come March I want it all gone, and it's not always gone.

    Now I am off to look for that book you recommended, I am always searching for a good book.


  15. I leap about too. The Farmboy still can't keep up with me.
    I did a post on reading today.... will have to check that book out.

  16. I am amazed that you have primroses blooming in Jan. in CANADA!! I saw some in the grocery store & almost bought one or two but couldn't make up my mind on the color. They are always such a bright, happy lift to winter spirits.

    I'm sorry you couldn't "pin" my scarves from my blog, but I'm honored that you would even want to do so. When Pinterest first started, their Terms of Service stated that they would own all rights to photos posted on their site & there were also rumors that they intended to sell the photos &/or make books out of them. I set up my blog to block that & have never changed it, although I understand the folks at Pinterest have backed down from those TOS now. I apologize for the inconvenience. I mostly worry that photos of Ms. C. might end out out of my control, even though I don't ever show her face anymore...still.

    Warm Hugs,

  17. I am not a great Pizza fan but that one looks particularly good.


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