Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Vistas Grand and Minute

The trail down to McKenzie Bight slopes downward. Each time I walk it, I think of the return trip, all uphill. We've discovered another route, one that is steeper at first, but levels off for the last half of the return hike. Today, as we returned, I could hear the rushing water from a distance. This waterfall, so impressive now in January, dries to a trickle in the summertime. We stood and gazed at the waterfall for a long time, enjoying the play of water against the rocks. Admiring nature is a good excuse for catching one's breath.

This arbutus tree glowed in the late afternoon almost-sunshine. The branches really are that red. Amazing.

I used the timer setting to capture a photo of the two of us drinking our tea on a rocky outcropping. 

Lovely water, trees, rocks and moss. Moss everywhere. Green as green can be. 

Lichens on a rock. I've been trying to identify this lichen. I think they are of the Cladonia genus, of the cup-bearing type. Perhaps Pixie Cup Lichens. Isn't that a poetic name?

Being outdoors on a chilly, but not rainy, day was a wonderful beginning to start 2013. I hope your first day of this new year was equally pleasant.


  1. I love the photo of the arbutus tree. I was fascinated with them when we visited Vancouver Island.

  2. It looks like you had a terrific walk!

  3. With these of your images - a very good and lovely start to 2013, Lorrie.

    All my best wishes for you and yours for the New Year!

    Warmest greetings,

  4. I would enjoy walking in an area as beautiful as that. The falls, the scenic view over the water and the stunning arbutus make up for the hill. Happy New Year.

  5. Hello Lorrie,

    Looooooooooove these photos and nature! You guys look awesome!


  6. Yesterday was a great day to go out. Sorry to say I didn't step out of the house except to help Dear chuck the Christmas tree out the front door for him to chop up and put into the yard waste bin. Love the photos and glad you used your timer to capture the two of you having your tea!

  7. Anonymous9:54 AM

    A gorgeous beginning to your new year!
    Happy New Year!
    ~ Zuzu

  8. Summer or winter...there is so much beauty out there to 'behold'! Thanks for sharing your excursions with us. Love those arbutus trees.

  9. My delights have all been within the walls of home. I think it marvelous that you get out and hike and take tea with you and then document it. You think of all the good things. Arbutus...gorgeous!

  10. Hi Lorrie,

    Such stunning photos! I have been looking at 10" of snow this past week. Don't get me wrong - I like the snow and it is pretty, but I would like to be by that waterfall right now.

  11. I enjoyed seeing glimpses of your hike. You often mention drinking tea on a trail and it was fun to see a photo of you doing just that! The red branched tree is stunning!

  12. I love it when you go outdoors and take us with you...todays photos are so beautiful Lorrie. Thanks for sharing once again! I just commented on your Family Gathering post. I'm glad my path took me there this morning.

  13. Hello there! Just jumped over from Tishs' place and glad that I did! I am fascinated with your corner of the world. :)
    With my Best from Provence,

  14. Wonderful way to celebrate the New Year Lorrie! (My idea of heaven.) The red tree is amazing.

  15. All so beautiful.


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