Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quiet Days

The weekend prior to Christmas, Tim and I walked around Fisherman's Wharf. A scoop (or squadron, brief, pod, or pouch) of brown pelicans had dropped in for an unexpected visit. These birds are normally seen along the Gulf of Mexico, and along the California/Mexico coastline. Do you remember John Grisham's book and movie "The Pelican Brief?" I was quite taken with the thought of seeing an actual brown pelican, the cause of so much havoc in the novel.

I'm not certain how large the scoop is; we saw about 8 birds in total, but some may have been off elsewhere. The pelicans have made visits here before, but never in December. 

They shelter under the pier, dodging the pilings in a ghostly, silent fashion.

It's been a quiet couple of days around here. I came down with a minor ailment requiring antibiotics. The first antibiotic made me feel weird and weepy. I mentioned it to the pharmacist who recommended getting another prescription. The doctor concurred. So not much has been happening around here - a little sewing, a lot of reading, some sitting around and staring out the window - where, I might add in utter glee - the sun is currently shining!

I've also been looking at photos - above, Little Miss S at 7 months. She's at the adorable stage of sitting like a potted plant and looking intently at things she wants but can't yet get to. She doesn't like being on her tummy so I was happy to get a smile out of her.

And then there's Little Miss A, along with her sheep (that says Baaaaa). We went for a walk the other day and she walked all the way to the park and almost all the way home. We've been told that we're not allowed to jump on the bed anymore, so we've devised a new game called Kerplunk, in which Nana scoops Little Miss A up under her shoulders and then Kerplunks her down on the pillows. Giggles, smiles and cries of "again" are lovely sounds to this Nana.

Time for another cup of tea and some staring at the sunshine! And blue sky! Oh frabjous delight!



  1. Hope you feel all better soon. Glad you have some nice views out your window and you can get a smile fix by looking at photos of your cute!

  2. They are both adorable little ones, what joy they must bring to your life.

    I so do hope you are feeling better soon, that's not good.

    And thanks for showing the Brown Pellies...we saw them on the news, but seeing your pics make it more like real life.


  3. Never have seen a brown pelican...interesting that they are hanging out in your corner now when they haven't before.

    Hope that your meds have you on the mend. If I started feeling weird and weepy, I'd not know enough to blame the medication. Glad that you're a whole lot smarter.

    You taught your granddaughter to jump on the bed? LOL! I love it. So sorry that you've been reported.

  4. The girls are adorable!!! Ashley never liked being on her stomach either! These days they don't get enough tummy time, do they? Beautiful Brown Pelican!

  5. Adorable granddaughters. Little Miss S is one month younger then my grandson and he dislikes his tummy time as well.

  6. Exciting to see pelicans in our waters -- I've never! Thanks for sharing your great photos of them.
    Your little girls look enchanting, and I'm sure you have oodles of fun with them, bed-jumping and all. . .

  7. Isn't sunshine in January just the best? Hope you are feeling 100% soon! Sweet grands...and such good medicine when one is a little under the weather.

  8. Oh those wee lassies make me long to see my own . . . such sweeties they are. Love the pelican shots, too. Hope you are restored to full health soon, Lorrie.

  9. hope you feel better soon deary..
    sweet little for you all x

  10. Lovely post, apart from the ailment & antibiotic reaction(!), that's not so nice.
    Your girls are coming a long a treat, what joy they must bring you.
    I've been doing my own fair share of staring out of windows, seeing nothing, just remembering happier days when Mr Ben was still here.
    Bon weekend.

  11. Your granddaughters are beautiful and must bring such joy. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  12. Hope you are now completely well Lorrie. I wonder if you knitted that gorgeous red dress? Don't think I have seen a brown Pelican but there are white ones in St. James Park in London.

  13. I remember seeing the pelicans in Mexico last year! You'd think they prefer warmer weather... I'd be surprised too, to see them here.
    Your granddaughters are adorable! Isn't it fun when smilels come so easy?
    Hope you feel better soon.

  14. I'll bet those little girls help make you feel a whole lot better - and the blue sky and sunshine today must have helped too!

  15. Lovely photos, both those of the girls and the pelicans :-)
    We saw pelicans in Northern California in July.

  16. Hope you're feeling better soon Lorrie. These days with your darling granddaughters must be very special for you. My sister told me in yesterday's email how glorious the sunshine was. Keep Smiling!

  17. I just had to look at this post when I saw the pelican - how I miss them from when we lived in Northern California - skimming along the water - what a sight. They say there are brown pelicans in Seattle - but none up here in Bellingham - go figure. I'd love to see some but I'm not going to Seattle to do it. Darling granddaughters too.


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