Ocean Views and Gulls

 This was my view when I opened my eyes this morning. We took a couple of days of vacation up in Parksville. Our room overlooks the water and we slept with the curtains open so that we could wake up to this view. 

Later in the morning, a walk along the breakwater at French Creek yielded this harmony of water, land and sky. The rocks on the right are covered with gulls. I've never seen so many of them together. A huge flock of gulls, maybe several flocks.

More gulls, wheeling and screaming in the air. There was also a great fluttering and splashing as the gulls bathed. This was a new sight to me, too. Oodles of gulls in the water, flapping their wings to bring the water over their backs, ducking down, squawking all the while. Then they lifted off the water and their white wings glinted in the muted light, bright against the somber forest.

Home again tomorrow.


  1. LOVE these--gulls make me so happy! I never tire of seeing them:) Parksville sounds SO familiar...I am almost sure we stayed there when I was younger. Beautiful photos Lorrie--sooo peaceful!
    PS: Safe travels home.

  2. Wow! It's so beautiful.

  3. I just love Parksville. I have had lovely times there too.
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  4. What a grand place to have a little retreat! Beautiful!

  5. How beautiful. What a peaceful getaway.

    That last photo is stunning with the mountains looming in the background. I miss real mountains!


  6. How absolutely lovely...............peaceful looking despite the noisy gulls. Somber woodland perhaps but goodness, look at those mighty bright snow-capped mountains - amazing beauty.

    Loved hearing about your visit - can understand why the curtains remained open!!

    Hugs - Mary

  7. That is a nice view to wake up to for sure! Looks like a lovely getaway.

  8. Ahhhhh..that is me exhaling if I were to open my eyes to that wonderful view!! Sooo pretty and I am glad you got to enjoy some time away! Great pictures ...Again!! you can really capture a view!

  9. Sounds like a sweet time away. Something so restorative about being by the sea.

  10. These shots say "cold" to me and winter … but it maybe it wasn't. It just happens to be windy and cold here with dropping temperature. I love the view you had it looks like a wonderful get away!

  11. What an amazing view to wake up to. I would love it.
    A very special treat just to see your photos.

  12. You found a quiet spot to retreat. The ocean either rages or is silent....from your photos you found the beauty of it's silence.

  13. You found a quiet spot to retreat. The ocean either rages or is silent....from your photos you found the beauty of it's silence.

  14. What beautiful photos, Lorrie. I have never been to Vancouver Island but will now add it to my bucket list! Enjoying your blog,

  15. Beautiful scenes Lorrie. I love the first one of your wake up view. Amazing!

  16. Great views - I love to watch the gulls at bathing time. The mountains are splendid too.


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