Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Magazine Swap?

The photo has nothing to do with this post, but how can one put up a post without a photo or two? Anway, that was dinner on Monday night - salmon, vegetables, polenta, and a citrus avocado salad.  After returning from a trip I'm always glad to eat home-cooked meals again.

Several years ago I took part in a couple of transcontinental magazine swaps that were a lot of fun. Floss, who blogs infrequently these days, and Elizabeth of Cornish Cream, hosted at different times. 

The idea is to exchange a magazine (March/April issue) of the craft/lifestyle/vintage variety. Bear in mind that a magazine from "down-under" published in these months might have a different focus that one published in the northern hemisphere.

If you would like to take part, here are a couple of guidelines:

1. Please be aware that postage can cost more than you think. Let me know in your comment if you are willing to participate in a transcontinental swap or if you would prefer one from Europe, North America (US or Canada), New Zealand or Australia, or elsewhere.

2. Please say whether or not you would prefer a magazine in English, or if you are interested in French or other languages. I was so pleased to receive a couple of French-language magazines. 

3. I'll match up partners and then you can exchange addresses via email. If you have a blog, your partner get to know you a bit that way and find out what kind of things you like from that.

4. Leave a comment on this post. I'll leave it open until February 13 and send out partners the next week. We'll plan to have the magazine posted by mid-March along with a little note or post card from the sender. Easy peasy.

Interested? Leave a comment and we'll see what turns up!



  1. Sounds like fun. Do we need to say ahead of time what magazine we are swapping?

    1. No, you don't need to say which magazine you are swapping, only if you are willing to swap internationally, and if you prefer English or another language.

  2. Fab idea, Lorrie, please add my name to the list. I'm happy to post to anywhere in the world and could send magazines either in French or English, whatever my partner prefers to receive.

  3. I'm in ! I took part twice already and it was always a lot of fun. I am willing to send anywhere and I can offer mags in French, English and German.
    Thanks a lot for organising the swap !

  4. I'm happy to join in, Lorrie. Thanks for organising this.
    I will send anywhere.

  5. I, too, would like to participate! I can send anywhere, but I do prefer to get an English magazine (language, not necessarily the country!). Thanks, Lorrie, it sounds like fun.

  6. I took part in one of these a long time ago. I'd like to try again, so please sign me up. I am happy to be surprised by language/country.

  7. I'd love to join in Lorrie, put me down on the list. I'll mail anywhere - perhaps a unique American (in English) magazine not available in another country. I'd love anything in English, French, Swedish, Danish, German, just about anywhere would be delightful please.

    Nice, fun idea.
    Thanks -
    Mary (North Carolina, USA)

  8. Lorrie, if you read my post about purging my magazines, you won't be surprised to learn that I'm not ready to receive a magazine from anyone! LOL That dinner looks so good. Like you, I love a good home-cooked meal after being away. Restaurant food, even excellent restaurant food, gets very tiresome after a while.

  9. It is always nice to go and better to return home. The flowers are a breath of Spring.

  10. This sounds like the old days of blogging...a swap... :) I think I want to join in but I'll come back and confirm after I think about it.

  11. Perfect recycling idea. I'm no longer into crafting but I sure was when I was younger. Sounds like a good way to get to know someone new too.

  12. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Lorrie, that sounds delightful! I'd love to exchange a magazine with someone. English, please! :-)

  13. Oops I'm glad I didn't miss this post Lorrie!
    Hopefully I'm in by the skin of my teeth!
    I'm very happy to post anywhere and I would love to receive a magazine from Europe, UK, US, or Canada!
    Thank you Lorrie - it sounds fun.

  14. Lorrie, after visiting UK this week and another visit planned there soon I'd like to offer to be partnered twice!


Thank you for your comment. I read and value each one, cherishing the connections we can make although far apart. Usually, I visit your blog in return, although if you ask a question I try to contact you directly.

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