Friday, February 13, 2015

Simple Pleasures

The days are so full as I adapt to these weeks of full-time teaching. My husband leaves the house around 7:30 and I'm out the door by 8 at the latest. Once at school I have no time to think about anything other than classes, students and lesson plans until I get home around 4:00, unless I stop to pick up groceries or run errands. I enjoy being there, but I'm realizing how much freedom I've given up. Five weeks until spring break. Then....? Perhaps the regular teacher will return, perhaps not. 

This is the way millions of women around the world live, and I know that I would get used to it. I don't feel particularly rushed, but I do feel like I have to lay aside, for the time being, some of the things I enjoy doing. As well, I've realized that I need some small delights along the way, so I've created a little list for myself.

* flowers - the current ones in the vase are looking terrible, but they'll be replaced soon (maybe by my husband???)

* he made a breakfast reservation for tomorrow morning at the Sea Glass Bistro - I can sleep in - and have a delicious breakfast with that wonderful man

* a few minutes with my feet up when I get home

* a cup of tea or hot chocolate to sip while indulging in the above

* leaving my sewing out so that I can stitch just a seam or two as time allows

* leafing through a magazine (February's British Country Living)

* a few minutes in the evening with my journal and a pen

What small delights are you enjoying these days?

This year is a light version of Valentine's Day. Cookies may or may not be baked. I purchased a couple of little treats for the grand sweeties and that's about it. It's lovely to see pink hearts and tea parties and romantic decor in blog land. I'm enjoying reading the posts but I'm not commenting as much. As I adjust to this temporary new schedule, that may or may not change.

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day whether you are alone or with friends or family - it's a day to celebrate all kinds of love.   


  1. Time. That is the luxury I miss. Full time work means many things are missed and not just the little pleasures. I find myself spending precious weekend time cleaning and sorting and doing laundry. Shopping is always on the fly. It is at the end of the day that I know I am not 40. Where a younger working woman might have energy for housekeeping at 7 pm I do not!
    Have a lovely day tomorrow!

  2. Happy Valentine's to you. Take care as your teach and savor small delights. Flowers is one of my small delights. Then today a surprise package of candles in the mail and then some good news on healing.

  3. Happy Valentines Day weekend to you and yours. I can tell you are a lot younger than me. You have double the productivity and energy that I have. It seems to me you use your time very wisely. Blessings!

  4. Happy Valentine's Lorrie! Enjoy your special breakfast. Sounds lovely!

    I've been home from work now for over 7 weeks and have another 3 weeks before I go back. I'm loving this time to rejuvenate myself but wish I had more. I'm now realizing how busy life has gotten and how I loved the calm and uncomplicated life was before I went back to work after 20 years at home. I'm going back for sure - I'm so fortunate to have an extremely flexible schedule but I do miss have long days to work on my art. If I didn't love my career so much, I'd definitely stay home again!!

  5. Oh I love dining at Sea is so sweet that your husband is taking you out for brunch.
    Time to relax and persue hobbies while working full time is very challenging...I remember how stressed I used to get trying to keep up with all the chores. You are wise to pace yourself.
    Enjoy your weekend, the weather forecast sounds good too!

  6. Wishing you a sweet Valentine's Day with your wonderful hubby, Lorrie!

  7. I enjoyed your post - it was so soothing. My simple pleasures are talking to the grandsons - on person and on the phone - listening to the rain - watching the sun breaks as they come and go - sitting and sewing doll clothes. Happy Valentine's Day - however you celebrate it.

  8. Happy Valentines Day, Lorrie. I agree with the small treats.

  9. I think going back to work is a great way to see the pleasure of a life at home. Sometimes we get caught up in our routines and forget what a treasure it is to have free time for creative pursuits and leisurely days. There is a joy in all things and I'm sure even though you are missing the free time, you are also enjoying your teaching time and the camaraderie with the other teachers. Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy your sleep in and breakfast out :)

  10. Beautiful crocuses, the colour is just adorable!
    I enjoyed reading your list of the small delights. They are really important!
    Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  11. Have a lovely week end, Lorrie ~
    All those little treats sound just perfect for a busy teacher.
    I remember doing (what we call, in uk,) 'Supply teaching' ~ I found it fine once you were in the job for the day/ week/ month, but didn't like the call in on the first day, just so unpredictable! Suddenly home seems incredibly inviting ;)
    Enjoy your down time!

  12. Lorrie, I don't think I could return to full time teaching now. It is hard work, so try to find moments for yourself. Enjoy a lazy weekend.

  13. Bless you, Lorrie for stepping in to teach. I worked as a substitute teacher so many years ago. I always enjoyed the long assignments when the teacher was out for maternity, especially. Now retired, I do miss the classroom and the students. But this week I helped judge essays for a scholarship at my university. We had 17 entries. I was reminded of one of the reasons why I am not tempeted to seek a class or two a semester. The life of a sub is sometimes is a thankless job, but so important. I do hope that you have restful and happy Valentine's Day.

  14. The quote by Iris Murdoch is lovely and small treats now and then, especially as a spontaneous gesture are the best.
    I only ever worked part time but my life was more organized then just as you have set yourself up for full time teaching.
    Happy Valentine's Day Lorrie. Don't forget the 'no obligation' aspect of blogging. ♥

  15. Yep. My decision (to retire at the end of this term) is looking wiser and wiser. . . You're smart to build those small pleasures into your day. Take care.

  16. I'm glad you are taking small pleasures when you can get them with your busy schedule these days. You are a very busy lady!! Enjoy the weekend off and have a wonderful day today. Blessings to you.

  17. I like how you focus on the little pleasures with deliberation now that your time is less free. What a good lesson for us all. You seem to be doing well making time for bits and pieces--even sewing out and ready for a few seams.

  18. Intent...very important. You will make it through and well. A Happy Valentine's Day to you and "that wonderful man."

  19. Very good list Lorrie! It is so important to keep some luxuries for ourselves whether they are chocolate or sleeping in on weekends! Enjoy them all.

    Hope you had a great breakfast and enjoying the pleasure of each other's company!


  20. It's not easy I'm sure and I know I couldn't return to work of any type now! I've always loved retirement which I took somewhat early to care for my granddaughter - didn't think I would as I worked outside the the home for years, thought I'd be bored - now I wonder how I ever managed to get up, leave the house and be away all day!

    Hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful dear Lorrie.
    Hugs - Mary

  21. Time seems to be slipping through my fingers at an alarming rate right now, so I can understand how you miss your time at home, but I do hope that you enjoy your job too! Once you get it figured out it will be good I am sure!! xx

  22. I know I'm spoiled not having to leave the house every day for the whole day, but I'm sure there is great satisfaction that comes with being able to enjoy your work. I hope in those times you feel torn, you remember that you are playing an important part in the lives of these students for this season.


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